Web Accessibility Papers – IBM Systems Journal

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Accessibility requirements for systems design to accommodate users with vision impairments by R. Schwerdtfeger et al.

Designing software architectures to facilitate accessible Web applications by D. Hoffman, E. Grivel, and L. Battle

An architecture and applications for speech-based accessibility systems by M. Turunen et al.

Evaluating accessibility by simulating the experiences of users with vision or motor impairments by J. Mankoff, H. Fait, and R. Juang

Managing usability for people with disabilities in a large Web presence by M. King, J. W. Thatcher, M. Bronstad, and R. Easton

A proposed architecture for integrating accessibility test tools by P. Englefield, C. Paddison, M. Tibbits, and I. Damani

Are guidelines enough? An introduction to designing Web sites accessible to older people by S. Milne et al.

accessibilityWorks: Web access for an open-source browser by V. L. Hanson et al.

Accessibility, transcription, and access everywhere by K. Bain et al.

Universal access to ambient intelligence environments: Opportunities and challenges for people with disabilities by P. L. Emiliani and C. Stephanidis

A mouse adapter for people with hand tremor by J. L. Levine and M. A. Schappert

Personalization, interaction, and navigation in rich multimedia documents for print-disabled users by H. L. Petrie, G. Weber, and W. Fisher

Semantic triage for increased Web accessibility by S. Harper and S. Bechhofer


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