Information is Transformation

14 June, 2005 at 08:02 Leave a comment

When one closely thinks about it, what we see as information is but a transformation (of data, of thought, of experiences).
The end transformation is undoubtedly quite interesting and valuable but throughout history, we have lost the process. That is one way we are looking at the problem. In our research (or any research), we know the inputs. We want to see some specific output. We might come up with a transform (the theory) to achieve it. But the question is if the output is in a form that is more useful or easier to comprehend than the input.

In our case, the input is a spaghetti of documents of all types. The output is a resonating small-world network. EAM is the glue that binds them together. Intuitively it makes sense in a cosmic kind of way in that we are trying to uncover the hidden structure that we sense and we feel there should be. But, is this implementable by a computer in a fixed set of rules. That is to be seen…

Yep, information = transformation (but we are always ‘over-riding’ the ‘=’ sign!). Good OOP? maybe…


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