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  List of useful links from Bloomsbury Writer’s Almanac
Arts councils
 Arts Council of England
 Arts Council of Ireland/An Chomhairle Ealaion
 Arts Council of New Zealand/Toi Aotearoa
 Arts Council of Wales/Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru
 Australian Council for the Arts
 Contemporary Writers
    A database of living writers
 French Book News
 Live Literature Network
 National Endowment for the Arts US
 New Books in German
 New Zealand Book Council
 Royal Academy of Arts
 Royal Literary Fund
    Charity offering fellowships to published writers
 Scottish Arts Council
 Scottish Book Trust
 The British Council
    A full list of the British Council
 Welsh Books Council/Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru
Awards and festivals
 Adelaide Festival
 Bath Literature Festival
 Booker Prize
 Cheltenham Festival
 City of London Festival
 Giller Prize
 Harbourfront Toronto
 Hay on Wye Festival
 Impac Dublin award
 International Institute of Modern Letters
 Literary Conferences
    An online guide to conferences in the UK and abroad
 Nobel Prize
 Orange Prize
 Prague Writer’s Festival
 Pulitzer Prize
 The Bridport Prize
    The Bridport Prize is an annual international creative writing competition for poetry and short stories.
 The Commonwealth Writers prize
 The Oxford Literary Festival, 2005
    Information on the 2005 festival
 Whitbread Prize
 Word Festival
Bloomsbury author websites
 Ambient Century by Mark Prendergast
 The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
 A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly
 Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke
 Bitter With Baggage by Sloane Tanen
 Celluloid Skyline by James Sanders
 How to Mow the Lawn by Sam Martin
 Into the Blue by Tony Horwitz
 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
 Postcard Dogs by Libby Hall
 The Fourth Hand by John Irving
 Urban Tribes by Ethan Watters
 Where You’re At by Patrick Neate
 Alexia Brue
 Ambrose Bierce
 Anthony Bourdain
 Caetano Veloso
 Danah Zohar
 Derrick Bell
 Edward Gorey
    Vist the Edward Gorey House website
 Edward Said
    Vist the Edward Said Archive
 Elizabeth Arthur
 Erna Paris
 Frederic Brenner
 Gene Brewer
 Glen Baxter
 Harry Potter
 Ian Marchant
 Isabel Losada
 J.K. Rowling
 J.T. Leroy
 Jacky Fleming
 James Innes-Smith
 Jay McInerney
 Jennifer Donelly
 Jim DeRogatis
 Joanna Trollope
 John Geiger
 Khaled Hosseini
 Laura Shaine Cunningham
 Leith’s Cookery Books
 Liz Jensen
 Lou Marinoff
 Malcolm Pryce
 Mandy Aftel
 Manil Suri
 Marc Acito
 Margaret Atwood
 Mark Hertsgaard
 Marni Jackson
 More Bloomsbury author sites
    For information on authors not listed in this directory, please visit our author pages
 Ralph Steadman
 Romesh Gunesekera
 Sandra Cisneros
 Sarah Salway
 Sharon Creech
 Simone Lia
 Steven Appleby
 Stewart O’Nan
 Suzy Barratt & Polly Beard
 T.C. Boyle
 Tanya Sasoon’s ‘Training Kits’
 Tim Coates
 Tim Krabbe
 Virginia Rounding
Book trade associations
 Book Industry Communication
 Book Trust
 Bookseller’s Association
 Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru/Welsh Books Council
 Independent Publishers Guild
 Library Association
 Publisher’s Association
 Publisher’s Weekly
 Publishing News
 Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders
 The Bookseller
Children’s books
 A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly
 Big Match Manager by Tom Sheldon
 Girl 15 by Sue Limb
 Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar
 How it Works by Graham Marks
 Marvin Wanted More by Joseph Theobald
 Pirates! by Celia Rees
 The Insiders by J. Minter
 The Three Grumpies by Tamra Wight
 The Wereling by Stephen Cole
 Whispering to Witches by Anna Dale
 Andrew Wilson – author website
 Award Winning Children’s Books
 Benjamin Zephaniah – author page
 Bloomsbury’s Children’s Pages
    News, catalogue, info and fun stuff!
 Book Hive
 Celia Rees – author website
 Children’s Book Council
 Children’s Book Guild of Washington DC
 Children’s Literature
 Children’s Storybooks On-line
 Gennifer Choldenko – author website
 Gillian McClure – author website
 Graham Marks – author website
 Harry Potter
 Herbie Brennan – author website
 J.K. Rowling – author website
 Jane Hissey – author website
 Ken Wilson-Max – illustrator website
 Linda Strachan – author website
 Louis Sachar – author website (UK)
 Louis Sachar – author website (USA)
 Lynne Chapman – author website
 Malachy Doyle – author website
 Marianne Curley – author website
 Marni McGee – author website
 Mary Hoffman – author website
 Mary Hooper – author website
 Michael Terry – author website
 Miriam Moss – author website
 N.M. Browne – author website
 Neil Gaiman – author site
 Nora Martin – author website
 Pam Smallcomb – author website
 Rachel Cohn – author website
 Rhian Tracey – author website
 Roger McGough – author website
 Sally Grindley – author website
 Shannon Hale – author website
 Sharon Creech – author website
 Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
 Stephen Waterhouse – author website
 Sue Limb – author website
 The Children’s Literature Web Guide
 The Federation of Children’s Book Groups
    The Federation of Children
 William Steig – author website
Creative Writing
    Askaboutwriting.net is an Internet resource site for writers of all abilities.
 Crossing Borders
    A creative writing mentoring scheme in Africa
 Get Writing
    Get Writing is a comprehensive writing website, supporting and advising audiences who desire to develop their creative writing skills. Get Writing hosts a plethora of competitions often linked to BBC Dramas, an ever-growing online community network of writers across the UK, an online writer’s circle, and discussion space for critical debate of writing across all genres.
 I Belong
    An international chain story
    Workshops for emerging writers in the Mediterranean
 New Writing
    A magazine for readers and writers
 New Writing Partnership
    An enterprise to highlight, support and develop new writing
    The resource pages contain thousands of resources for writers of all levels, and we regularly run (prose and poetry) competitions and publish an annual anthology. There are also flourishing forums, poetry workshops and prose and poetry discussions.
 Write Link
    Writers’ resource site for creative writing, linking to paying markets, competitions, reference sites, software, and much more
 Young UKA Authors
    A showcase and resource site for young writers up to age 21.
Crime writing
 American Crime Writers League
 Bastulli Mystery Library
 Crime Time
 Crime Writer’s Resource
 Crime Writers Association
 Federal Bureau of Investigation
 Murder Squad
 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
 Scotland Yard
Editorial advice and manuscript assessment
 The Literary Consultancy
    Founded in 1996 by editor Rebecca Swift and agent Hannah Griffiths, The Literary Consultancy aims to give first-class, market-informed editorial advice to writers at any level writing in English.
 The Writers Workshop
    The Writers Workshop offers very high quality manuscript appraisal and editorial advice to aspiring writers.
 Bibliotheque Nationale de France
 Bodleian Library
 British Library
 Bundesarchiv on-line
 Cambridge University Library
 Folger Shakespeare Library
 Library Association
 Library of Congress
 National Library of Australia
 National Library of Canada/Bibliotheque Nationale du Canada
 National Library of New Zealand/Te Puna Matauranga o Aetearoa
 National Library of South Africa
 Trinity College Dublin
 University of Edinburgh
Literary agents
 AP Watt
 Australian Literary Management
 Gillon Aitken Associates
 Peters Fraser and Dunlop
 The Marsh Agency
 The Sayle Agency
 The Wylie Agency
Literary magazines
 3am Publishing
    From cutting-edge short fiction to political satire and music reviews.
    Literary magazine edited by Craig Raine.
 Atlantic Monthly
    An online magazine addressing contemporary issues, fiction, travel, food and humour.
 Book Munch
    Nicely in-your-face coverage of the literary scene
 Brick Magazine
    A literary journal aimed at both readers and writers. Published twice yearly.
 Dalkey Archive
    Non-profit website founded to challenge established literary journals.
 Heat Magazine
    Heat is a literary magazine in book form which publishes creative and interpretive writing by Australian and overseas authors.
 Jacket Magazine
    Jacket is published three or four times a year on the Internet only. It was founded by John Tranter in 1997, to showcase lively poetry and prose. It is free.
 January Magazine
    An online magazine bringing its readers interviews with authors from around the world.
    Landfall publishes literary fiction and essays, poetry, extracts from work in progress, criticism and commentary on New Zealand arts and culture.
 Lime Tea
    “…an online literary magazine, with new content every Friday, which features good writing in a variety of forms, by a variety of writers, relating to a single theme which changes each month. Think of it as the results of a sort of literary Rorschach Test administered monthly to the contributors.”
 Lingua Franca
    A review of academic life.
 London Magazine
    A bimonthly paperback journal providing over 120 pages of art, memoirs, travel, poetry, criticism, theatre, music, cinema, short fiction, essays and reviews.
 London Review of Books
    The London Review of Books is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of the English essay.
    A selection of poems, essays and original works ranging across contemporary issues.
    An online offshoot of Timothy McSweeneys quarterly concern, a journal created by nervous people in relative obscurity. Published four times a year. Books and Journals can be purchased online.
 Mississipi Review
    An online magazine posted quarterly. Each issue has a guest editor.
 Mr Beller’s Neighbourhood
    Website combining a map and a magazine. Stories, personal and photo essays about New York City published.
    Online offshoot of Multistorey magazine. Site contains interviews, poems and stories.
    An online magazine covering politics and opinion, travel writing, fiction and poetry, reviews and interviews.
 Open City
    Open City is a literary magazine, dedicated to publishing writers who may be considered too daring for mainstream publishing.
 Quality Women’s Fiction
    A literary magazine publishing short fiction written by women. Aims to appeal to the more discerning female reader.
 Quill & Quire
 Richmond Review
    The UK
 Salon Magazine
    Online magazine for an Internet media company. Sites updated daily include News, Politics, Arts, Entertainment and Books.
    Sport is a literary magazine which has been published twice yearly since October 1988.
 The Blue Moon Review
    An online magazine, “quietly publishing the internet
 The Erotic Review
    Aiming to be relaunched February 14th 2002.
 The Mighty Organ
    An eclectic collection of journalistic observations, interests and private passions.
 The Paris Review
    Online magazine emphasising writing as opposed to criticism.
 The Threepenny Review
    American online magazine reviewing the Arts.
 Times Literary Supplement
    Online offshoot of The Times Literary Supplement, containing essays, book news and reviews.
 Tin House
    Magazine publishing previously unpublished poetry, fiction and non-fiction.
 Troika Magazine
    Website aiming to be a cutting edge, contemporary forum. Reviews on travel, books, art, technology etc.
 Turbine NZ
    Online literary publication publishing, fiction, non-fiction and poetry produced by students of Victoria University and writers in the region of Wellington, New Zealand.
 Web Del Sol
    Website aimed at promoting the reading and publishing of contemporary literature on the Internet.
 Word Riot
    Created by the literary department of Communication Breakdown, and keeping its aggressive, uncompromising spirit in showcasing up-and-coming writers.
    Website dedicated to Francis Ford Coppolla inspired short stories. Subscriptions welcome.
 Video interviews from Relax with a Book
    Website updated daily, featuring interviews with new and established authors.
 Writers’ Forum
 The Philosopher’s Magazine
 About.com Publishing
    Resources for job-hunters and writers
 Animating Literature
    A British Council site for readers and writers
 Arts and Letters Daily
    Leave a book in a public place for someone else to read…
 Cyber Editions On-line publishing
 Dutch University Institute for Art History
 Internet Writer – Resources on the web
    Sign up for Jane Dorner
 National Extension College
    Educational charity dedicated to providing learning opportunities for all
 On-line Library of Literature
 RE Author
    Your online resource for Author!
 The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
 The Chelsea Hotel
    New York Hotel. Room rates and history of the building can be found on this web site, as well as details of the hotels artistic residents.
 The Diary Junction
    Information and links on over 300 literary and historical diarists
 The Phoenix Garden
    We love it here in the summer. And the spring…
 The Vivat Trust-Historic Buildings
    Listed buildings let as holiday homes.
    Knowledge and literary resources search engine.
    Website celebrating the English language and striving to combat its degradation.
 Word Play
    Endlessly diverting collection of word games from all around the web.
 World Wide Words
    Website that explains weird and unusual words and strange turns of phrase.
 Anvil Press
    Anvil Press is the longest-standing independent poetry publisher in England.
 Electronic Poetry Review
    A journal dedicated to publishing experimental and more traditionally formal poetry, as well as interviews, essays on poetics, and book reviews.
 International Library of Poetry
    Aiming to eliminate the traditional barriers that prevent most people from having their message heard.
 Poetry Book Society
    The PBS is a membership organisation which exists to keep people all over the world up to date with the best new English language poetry being published in the UK and Ireland today.
 Poetry London
    An online poetry magazine, bringing you poems, reviews, features and listings.
 Poetry Magazine
    An online poetry magazine.
 Poetry Society
    The website of the Poetry society with news of events and competitions listed.
    Alphabetical Directory of Poets.
 The Poetry Book Society
    The Poetry Book Society
Reading groups
 BBC Reading Group Pages
    The BBC
 Bradford Libraries
    Bradford Libraries home.
 Encompass Culture
    A worldwide online reading group
    Provides lists of events in Bradford, plus competitions.
Secondhand and antiquarian booksellers
 Advanced Book Exchange
 Books at Sixpence
 Elephant Books
 Heritage Book Shop
    Heritage Book Shop is an internationally renowned
 Just Books
 Kennys, Galway
 Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
    A non-profit, educational association, whose membership comprises professional and amateur artists, art directors, publishers and anyone with an interest in the art of the genre.
    British Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine. Publishing established and new Science Fiction writers.
 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
    American Science fiction and fantasy writers association. Membership online.
 Science Fiction Weekly
    Online magazine dedicated to books, television and films in the sci-fi genre.
 World Science Fiction Convention
    Society whose membership are able to vote in the Hugo Awards and World Science Fiction Conventions. Membership can be applied for online.
 Globe Theatre
 Mr William Shakespeare and the Internet
 Royal Shakespeare Company
Specialist booksellers
 Book Ladder
    An African American online bookstore for grades K-12
UK publishers
 4th Estate
 A & C Black
 Faber & Faber
 Harpercollins UK
 Harvill Press
 Hodder Headline
 John Murray
 Little, Brown
 Marion Boyars
 No Exit Press
 Orion Publishing Group
 Penguin UK
 Random House UK
 Serpent’s Tail
 Simon & Schuster UK
 Thames & Hudson
 UKA Press
Worldwide publishers
 Allen & Unwin-Australia
 American Bookseller’s Association
 American Publisher’s Association
 Carroll & Graf-US
 Dijkgraaf & Van der Veere-Holland
 Duffy & Snellgrove-Australia
 Esperance Press
    Specialising in books that are
 Gill & Macmillan-Ireland
 Harper Collins-US
 Harpercollins-New Zealand
 Hodder Headline-Australia
 Houghton Mifflin
 McLelland & Stewart-Canada
 Oxford University Press-ANZ
 Oxford University Press-Canada
 Oxford University Press-US
 Penguin Putnam-US
 Poolbeg Press-Ireland
 Random House-Australia
 Random House-New Zealand
 Random House-US
 Simon & Schuster-US
 Text Publishing-Australia
 The Beckham Publications Group
    Unique book publishing company offers joint venture self publishing project to promote the works of young and budding writers
 The New Press
 University of Queensland Press-Australia
 W.W. Norton-US
Writers’ associations
    An online writing community where writers can publish stories and poems online.
 American Society of Journalists and Authors
    The American Society of Journalists and Authors is an organization of independent nonfiction writers.
    An affiliation of artists engaged in literature, music and visual arts.
 Arvon Foundation
    Residential Creative Writing Courses open to all.
 Australian Society of Authors
    The Australian Society of Authors is a non-profit organisation which protects and promotes the professional interests of Australia
 Author Network
    A network for and about writers, with a great list of links.
 Author’s Guild
    The Authors Guild for published authors.
    UK site for writers and publishers.
    The award-winning rights marketplace where editors and agents buy and sell unpublished and published manuscripts and screenplays.
 British Copyright Association
    An umbrella organisation bringing together organisations which represent those who create, or hold rights in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and those who perform such works.
 Creative in Calvados
 Dublin Writers
    The website for Dublin
    Find-a-Translator service from the Institute of Linguists
 Institute of Linguists
    The Institute serves the interests of professional linguists throughout the world and acts as a respected language assessment and accredited awarding body.
 National Association of Writers in Education
    The National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) supports the development of creative writing of all genres and in all educational settings throughout the UK.
 New Zealand Society of Authors
    NZSA is an association of writers working together to improve conditions for New Zealand writers.
 One of Us
    A British site aiming to help writers from all over the world to find and use resources to help them with their creative writing.
 PEN Canada
    PEN CANADA is the Canadian Centre of International PEN.
    Promotes friendship and intellectual co-operation among writers everywhere, regardless of their political or other views.
    A fellowship of writers to advance literature, to promote a culture of reading and to defend free expression.
 Publishing Services
    Editorial and Marketing publishing solutions for commercial authors
    A site for writers where they can showcase their work.
 Society of Authors
    The Society of Authors is a non-profit making organisation, founded in 1884 to protect the rights and further the interests of authors.
 The Burry Man Writer’s Center
    resources for fiction and nonfiction writers with particular support for writing about Scotland
 The Welsh Academy/Yr Academi Gymreig
    The national society which exists to promote the writers and the literatures of Wales.
 trAce Online Writing Centre
    trAce connects writers and readers around the world, promoting an accessible and inclusive approach to the internet with the focus on creativity, collaboration and training.
    Connecting the avid reader to the amateur writer, WorksUnpublished accepts all submissions and provides discussion forums
 Worldwide Freelance Writer
    Dedicated to informing writers of international freelance writing markets.
 Writer’s Circles
    Free web pages available for writers
 Writers InTouch
    A quiet corner of the internet for writers to give and receive feedback on each other
 Writers Services
    A website packed with resources to help writers
 Writers’ World
    A Self-Publishing resource (print-on-demand) for writers
    Creative Writing Courses

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