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reboot is the european meetup for the practical visionaries who are building tomorrow one little step at a time, using new models for creation and organization—in a world where the only entry barrier is passion.
reboot is two days in june filled with inspiration, perspective, good conversations and interesting people.

This year’s theme is the new ways ahead. After more than 10 years of old ways of creation, old values, and old models for communicating and organizing ourselves, new ways are emerging. That is what reboot7 is about.

reboot7 Heros are

the mavericks who live the new ways and thereby lead and validate their possibilities. The Web Way, The Sharing Way, The Creation Way, The Digital History Way, The Global way, The Social Way, The Society Way, The Micro Way, The Natural Way and The Remixing Way. Read more about the topics .

programmers, designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, bloggers, and activists. People who are working every day to maximize their ability to make a difference.

the people who live according to Alan Kay’s famous quote – “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

participants. a preview: Douglas Bowman, Jason Calacanis, Cory Doctorow, Jason Fried, Ben Hammersley, Hugh Macleod, Robert Scoble, Doc Searls, Jimbo Wales and David Weinberger. See the full list of participants and Signup to participate yourself.

what’s in it

you’ll give: reboot7 isn’t just one way consumption of fancy words from fancy speakers. it’s a community event. it’s about all of us being participants. We need you to come and share your perspective. you need that too. An open attitude is required.

you’ll get a reboot of your mind. A chance to get away for two days from your everyday work and reboot your mind with new perspectives, new energy, and new relationships.

and also inspiration, perspective on what you do, good conversations with like-minded people and good energy to come back from reboot and make a difference.

previously on reboot

Jason Calacanis, Marc Canter, Charles Contamine, Ed Dintrone, Cory Doctorow, Jason Fried, Dan Gillmor, Dave Gray, Justin Hall, Ben Hammersley, Josh Harris, Scott Heifermann, Meg Hourihan, Harlan Hugh, Mark Hurst, Steven Johnson, Guy Kawasaki, Rasmus Lerdorf, Chris Locke, Peter Merholz, Jerry Michalski, Evan Neufeld, Tim O’Reilly, Bo Peabody, Howard Rheingold, Douglas Rushkoff, Andrew Sather, Nathan Shedroff, Carl Steadman, Jonathan Steuer, Jeffrey Veen, Evan Williams, Ann Winblad & Dave Winer.

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