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Ideas for Fresh Talent Challenge Fund

Just sent an email to A and K (of the International office) so as to apply for the “Fresh Talent International Students Challenge Fund” which is an avenue for getting funds for international student activity.

The simple idea is to hold international cultural festivals/exhibitions on a regular basis. On a larger scale so that not only are students made aware of it but also the community. And perhaps in association with other Universities. Maybe one term we can have an international arts festival. And in another, a cuisine festival. Or a movie festival. The funds to be primarily used to make access free and open and perhaps, advertisement and encourage international students to get more actively involved. Maybe we can use the funds to invite artisans and academics to make things more authentic.

As always, you will have as much help and time I can afford to give. It has always been my belief (and a peeve) that a proper dialogue and participation between international students and the local community is needed, in which each appreciates the other – the notion of othering –  marks the difference between acceptance and exotification. And makes the Scottish experience more enriching and gives credibility to our University being truly international.

And it is not without a selfish motive. I really have to start using that MBA experience and also to get involved with such activities so that I can polish skills to work in a voluntary organization as I intend to. And also perhaps apply to the Scottish Executive on the creation of “Peoples’ Music” label…


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