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Hope for GUd Life and People of Earth

OK, so someone referred me to userfriendly.org and it has given me immense hope. If with cartoons like these –

that AJ (or Illiad as he calls himself) can build an empire and so does Dilbert –
Today's Dilbert Comic
Shop Dilbert

Yay! there is hope for anyone. AG once quoted –
“vinevaadu erri p aithe, cheppevaadu kama sutranni ramayanamga cheppagaladu ani”.
It means, that if the populace is stupid and boring enough one can sell crap and be rich which is true (for example, Microsoft and diamonds (which are but stones he he) and the Dilbert merchandise above). Nothing can be more truer than this truth as from the evidence above, say what?

I mean, look at these cartoons. They are hopeless meaningless meanderings of the first order with no complexity but to make fun of other people and processes. And there is a certified fan clubs for these. Heck, even Compaq and IBM sponsor these comics. What sort of people would want to read these stuff? And even advertise their procrastination so publicly?

Just yet more evidence that there is gross inequalities in this world. Here we have people who are spending inordinate amounts of time on producing and consuming way too much  crap, and worse, philosophizing
But it has to be said, AJ and Scott Adams are pretty smart people. Throw in a bunch of useless lines (they dont even look like humans and we have talking dogs, cats and dust-balls for fucssake), throw in some well known identifiable rants in any office (basically complain their misfitness) and boom, walk away in grins to the bank. Classic case of being able to fool all the people all of the time.

Question is how did they do it? How did they manage to make these sketchy doodles get so much clout? That is important.


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