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Citebase Search is a search and citation analysis tool for the free, online research literature.

Impact Health Warning to Authors and Users


Web log usage data (“hits”) (1) currently cover only from August 1999 to the present and (2) are based only on the UK arXiv.org mirror-site usage (the other 17 international mirror-sites, including the main one in the US are not currently covered).

A new potential measure of on-line impact, not available in the on-paper era, is usage, in the form of “hits.” This measure is noisy (it can be inflated by automated web-crawlers, short-changed by intermediate caches, abused by deliberate self-hits from authors, and it can be undiscriminating between nonspecific site-browsing and item-specific reading) yet it seems to have some signal-value too, partly correlated with and partly independent of citation impact: http://opcit.eprints.org/opcitresearch.shtml


Please do not be discouraged if your papers fail to appear or have few or no citations.

Citebase’s coverage and capabilities are based:

(1) only on those citing and cited papers that their authors have already archived in the source eprint archives,

(2) only on those of the cited papers that can currently be successfully linked,

(3) and, for arXiv, for now, on the usage/hit data for its UK-site only.

The literature available online is growing daily, but it is still only a tiny subset of the total current research literature across disciplines. (Hence the moral of this story is not that these capabilities are intrinsically limited, but that researchers should hurry and self-archive their papers so the coverage can be complete!)


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