Why Linux is Crap and Piracy is Good for Windows

11 May, 2005 at 22:40 1 comment

Well, someone had to say it and I am saying it. Linux is crap. This is not because I lost my boot partition when I installed it or anything to do with it. I think Linux is just a sucking waste of time for everybody. It is just crazy to even think that it is still there and millions of hours being dumped to trash. These observations are based on a few random observations all coming together at once.

Just reading on OpenOffice-2.0B release and the associated interview and it brought me back memories of buying a computer in India. I remember when everything I needed, the OS, Office, MP3 songs – all of them came bundled with the system for nothing. In fact, giving as much ‘free’ stuff was how vendors used to distinguish themselves.
And they were quite inventive too. Getting the system CD’s of HP or IBM and then getting them to work as normal boot CD’s. That was when of course the realization dawned that software was a good business to be in. Make a few thousand lines of code and mint CD’s of it to make money. No wonder MS is sitting on such a huge pile of cash. Am not complaining like everybody seems to. It is Bill Gates money and he made it. So be it.

Any case, it made me wonder then of how can MS make any money out of India when 80% is pirated software? Even if it releases a ‘poorer world’ version, I would guess no one would consider it. Any case, the people who buy software in India buy a branded PC and Windows comes pre-installed on them anyway. But 80% is a huge number, no? So, I guess the solution is that MS does not want to do anything to this piracy. Even if it does with all that Palladium framework, then me thinks the empire will only fall down. The truth of the matter is that these poor users are stuck in Windows. In fact, they could not care less which OS or application they use. All they do is simple email and browsing and watch movies. For that any machine would suffice. So, why then would one ask, is there no Linux in Indian villages? And why have all efforts gone hopelessly wrong.

But the bottleneck for Linux (and entry point for Windows) is that of the operator. He could not be arsed to upgrade the whole thing by downloading CD’s and burning them and all that crap. This same procedure of compiling and linking broken libraries is a bane for every Linux distro (they are simply too many of them for fucsake). So, the operator basically prefers Windows and so do all the other 400 people who depend on him and take him as an expert. There is just too much clout for Windows. And imagine some of them recieving an openoffice SXW document for something and it does not open in Windows or Linux. Why take the chance or why bother? No, not the villagers but me if I have to give a document to the villagers, my preferred format would be some MS format. So, one can see that even those who generate content are stuck in that clout.

OK, this is for office documents you say. What about the OS? Linux should still be there. But then you are underestimating of what is it that these villagers want. They want dynamic interactive content. Much to do with sounds and videos and flashy things. Install Media-Player-Classic and boom. All’s ready. Well, I will not even start with what is the problem or the case with Linux. I guess that each of us has had some wee hours lost getting something to work in Linux. Some audio file or video file or some web content. So, the major problem is that of provisioning. There is just too much content generation for Windows enabled computers and it makes sense since 95% of the PC installed base is Windows. So, effectively, Linux has to (at some point) become a Windows clone.

And this solution will never work since MS can release any codecs or formats it wants at any point which some brilliant guy will do it in a couple of months and a few hundred thousand others will spend another 2 years (of wastage time making this patch to work) trying to get it to work. Is it worth it? Cant we use this 2 years to do something else? Case in point. The Beagle and Dashboard. It has used up so many people trying to make it work and burn their midnight oil. And it cannot even index PDF’s or work out of the box. Heck, it does not index Tomboy notes. How lame can that be, eh? It is not and never will be as comprehensive as GDS or YDS or MSN which are yet more applications applications that will make Windows users stay on Windows. They are just too powerful am afraid. And they are free. Hallelujah to capitalism! There I said it. Yes, I like to make money. So, shoot me. I am concerned that all these seconds and ticks are going into /dev/null and nothing else.

Yeah, yeah. But then what about freedom? Are you kidding? These people in India have to first get past the day without starving themselves to death. Freedom is only for those with loads of spare time and hi-speed internet connections. And of course sheer boredom of doing nothing else to do comes with that. The best solution I can come up is that MS be bought off by the countries of the world put together. That is pretty much how we can solve the problem. Right now, it is just a waste of precious time plumbing things when people are dying of disease and hunger and some others are spending time in air-conditioned labs browsing the web and installing some ‘cool’ software for their crappy Linux box.

Do not know where I started and where this is going. To summarize. Linux is crap. There is no alternative to Windows. It has just too much clout to do what it wants to do and Linux will remain crappy ever trying to catch up to all this. And it is not in the best interests of MS to implement a strong security or privacy model to their business since the greatest number of users of Windows are not those who pay for the fees and upgrades but the poor people who have pirated Windows running effectively forcing the people who can pay the fees to stay on Windows to ensure compatibility. And to end on a Chomskian note, security cannot be plugged because then no one would want to give power to Windows or fill up the coffers of the anti-virus companies who make these viruses anyway…


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  • 1. Kitty  |  18 May, 2005 at 23:26

    I agree! I have tried Unix and Linux but not in my home (I used them when I was in school oh so many years ago). Unix was only good for hard core programming and Linux… well, one had to play with Linux otherwise I wasn’t a true computer scientist – and mapping on that thing was horrible. Of course, this was like 8 years ago so I am sure there have been a great number of things fixed on these systems; however I still don’t see many of my favorite softwares created for those platforms… I use many of the Adobe and Macromedia products along with other editing software that are Windows-only. What would be the point of my switching OS’s? Showing off, I guess, but nah, I’m not cocky like that.

    In other countries many people who have windows OS have indeed gotten the stuff from pirated copies but, while Microsoft may lose ‘pennies’ on that they are actually gaining a greater consumer base in the long run because more and more products are going to be made for Windows-only and people like us in countries where we do buy stuff will pay the big bucks for the newer version of Windows just to be able to use the neat little programs that others make. At least I do.



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