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It is nice to be back to corporate life. All those corridor hellos, water-cooler conversations, change-the-world-at-lunch attitude. Was talking to D of how much did she buy the IBM Thinkpad for as an internal employee of IBM and she replied that it was given to her. Nice touch I should say. Some kind of incentive to employees while also constantly reminding them that they have been done a favour.
Now speaking of incentives. What else can a company provide explicitly and implicitly. One that comes to mind is politics. Sometimes people get so involved in the power game (even if he/she is a starter) and being in a clout, that they do not want to move just because they have to start afresh in a new company with or without success. It is amazing how much this ‘being accepted’ thing has been over-rated. Anyway, nothing more needs to be said on this.

 *I guess that the upgrading and wastage of computing equipment even within IBM should be humongous. Wonder how they manage that? We should probably try to start a project to ship these computers (by piggybacking on their worldwide shipments) to developing countries or schools. Again, this should be probably being done somewhere already. Just feel it…

Sorry for the above thread. Coming back to office incentives which comes at no expense to a company is office romance. Or what people usually refer to as flirting. We will use these words interchangeably not because they are similar but their meanings lie in the character of the beholdee. A nerd flirting is actually romance for example. Or that the receptionists are being romanced and not flirted with is a joke. Man, that is some pressure on an individual. Having to sit in the glare of strangers and also of ones colleagues. If any person says that he/she likes her job as a receptionist, that would be a definition of a perfectly vain person.
All the same, there are different permutations. The key point is romance. As we said, organizations need not push it. Although it could help. There should be some research that should have been done somewhere which should have shown that there is a lower rate of attrition or higher job satisfaction in companies where employees can find romance. Or atleast flirting.

This could be a theiry of why all this talk of diversity (gender and race) making organizations better could be true.

Now, a company could also hence actively encourage flirting. A flirting-friendly company. A training session on “How to Flirt Safely”. I would like to be in that company just for the fun of it no matter how much of a ‘brahmachari’ I am. Who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you?
Come on, there is a huge push towards those safe-sex things. Agreed that is because of the spread of AIDS but then when you flirt and you do it badly or take it way too seriously, the chances are great of a loss of self-esteem (the first symptom) leading on to depression which people have even written books about like “Prozac Nation”.

So, here’s to office romance 🙂


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