Strands Introduction – Troubleshooting Motivation

10 May, 2005 at 20:13 Leave a comment

The previous problem of not being able to reboot Windows after a Linux
installation set me to think. Since I cannot find any good information
on the web to solve this problem. Common sense tells me that this is
not a unique problem. Many many people must have faced this problem.
Some of them might have been able to solve it. And some of these must
have written a post on it.

It is out there somewhere. The problem is not that of the search
engines. It is the vocabulary mismatch problem I was alluding to
before. What words has the author chosen? And what words must I choose
to query? The middle system has to solve this for us but it does not.
It is annoying.

Coming back to Strands, remember that Strands are basically capturing
of actions (at whatever granularity one may choose to). Like for
example, re-install Linux is an action. Windows stopped rebooting is
another action. The combination of this action has happened before. So,
why cant I search on these terms?

It does not just apply to these kind of problems. Actions are more
accurate and capture semantics of what we do with data. It is what we
do that makes data into information. For example there is an email
coming in. I dont do anything to it. It is not important. I reply
immediately to another one. It is important. I immediately delete the
email. It is junk. So, actions speak an invisible language. A language
that we seem to speak all the time. If we can capture this, we can
solve many many problems and make the world a better place.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a world of Strands!

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