On Foresight Linux

10 May, 2005 at 20:03 Leave a comment

So, had to install a new Linux distro as RH-9 was cribbing all over the
place –

1) Chose Foresight and the installation went smooth. Too smooth to be
believed and I had an up-and-running shiny new Linux on my machine in
an hour

2) Since, this install was just 2.3GB big, I decided to reclaim some
space and made some changes to the partition table. Mistake. Some BIG
mistake I must have made. The error is –
There was some solution that said to change BIOS settings (from auto to
LBA) and will have to try that

3) Now, Windows-XP is not booting up. Have to look into this. This is
not a serious concern as I can still see my D:, E: and F: drives from
within Linux and all my data is there. Windows needed a fresh
re-install anyway. Will look into that

4) While backing up my drives before the reinstall (via vsftpd), spent
some time playing around with this new Linux distribution and am
impressed. The graphics are smooth and fast. The codecs (for playing
mp3, wmv, rm etc.) do not work and installing gstreamer-plugins did not

5) The best way, and once again, the BEST way to get your media working
is to install Xine or Mplayer on a Linux machine. The codecs that come
with the Xine and MPlayer (and to be installed in /usr/lib/win32 are
essential). GXine rocks

6) Of course gstreamer and its commands somehow just do not seem to get
the installation upgraded. gst-register, GST_PLUGIN_PATH and what not,
just do not seem to work

7) Yes, about Beagle. It works out of the box on a user account. It is
pretty all set-up and I wonder if FAT32 drives are supported. Or if we
have to add (and can add that user_xattr flag to the mounted partitions
to get them indexed)

8) Dashboard seems to be going ahead and have to install it.
Apparently, there Epiphany supports the CLUEPACKETS infrastructure
although Mozilla/Firefox have XPI extensions that will make Beagle
index visited pages

9) Any case, have to partition the disks properly. Am pretty sure that
the existing partitions were not damaged as during install it kept
cribbing that mount points not defined (or not partitioned or
something) – something to do with IBM hidden directory am sure…

10) And how does enable NTFS support in the kernel? Have to recover my
Mozilla directories and GDS indexes before re-installing Windows.
Probably, will try to install XP-Home with a good enough service pack.
Plus throw in some RAM since we seem to be stuck with this laptop for a
while. What to do, no money!


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