GATES VS. GOOGLE – Search Destroy

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“…Gates, who is chairman and chief software architect, is leading the charge against Google. Forced to watch Google’s stock soar the way Microsoft’s used to, and Brin and Page enjoy their roles as tech’s new rock stars, Gates brings to the fight a ferocity that nobody has seen since the Netscape war a decade ago. Their popularity gets under his skin. “There’s companies that are just so cool that you just can’t even deal with it,” he says sarcastically, suggesting that Google is nothing more than the latest fad, adding, “At least they know to wear black.”
Just how big is Microsoft’s Google problem? First, a reality check: Microsoft, with nearly $40 billion in revenues, is ten times the size of Google. It’s sitting on $34 billion in cash, generating $1 billion in new cash a month, and, thanks to its core Windows, Office, and server products, growing at 15% a year, with operating margins above 30%. Most companies would love to have such numbers.
But Microsoft isn’t exactly in fighting trim. Its ambitious new operating system, code-named Longhorn, is more than a year late, even after having been scaled back. Linux, the free operating system that Gates once scoffed at, is fighting Microsoft for share in both the server and desktop markets, forcing the company to do the unthinkable: offer customer discounts. Last year it had to spend $1 billion to rewrite thousands of lines of code to make its programs less susceptible to viruses. Its Xbox gaming console is winning raves from players but has yet to make serious money. Meanwhile, Apple has stolen the show in online music with its hugely popular iPod and iTunes Music Store. Plus, the recently released Firefox browser, which can be downloaded free, has forced Gates to reconstitute an Internet Explorer development team. Indeed, four years have passed since Microsoft released a piece of software that generated the kind of buzz Google seems to generate every month…”

This is just on 1.5 pages of a 6-page article. Now this is an important article to me. But then I just do not have the time to read it all. I would like someone to summarize it for me. Or for someone to give their opinions and how it will effect life, universe and everything. That is EXACTLY what bloggers do – period. And they are doing it for free what so called ‘industry experts’ have been earning their bread with for years. True, what bloggers produce is not exactly A-1 content but then there are sheer numbers of them writing soooo much that it is really a technological incapacity for us to derive value from all these people rather than blaming on some totally silly reason.
No wonder that blogging has a charme de yonder, eh? Any case, whatever happened to all those agents and AI and automatic summarizers?
Maybe, a blogging plugin (to WordPress or Blogger) could have this. Or we can pitch this idea to Google. Ya know, point to a site and boom you get nice little summaries (in color). Or just try locally with Tamnoon where we select a link for Blogging and immediately, we get a RSS stream (or intranet consciousness) of who all blogged _this_ story and what were their two pennies. This makes us aware of who all are interested (and perhaps affected since they care enough to blog this) around us. This is indeed real-time collaboration or in IBM speak, On-Demand posting 😉 which brings me to end this note in my inimitable style of inane observations.
If a story can gather enough pennies, it is bound to be rich! It is so obvious he he…


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