Life seems blissful when in the "Love Zone"

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(inspired from a “TALKING SPORT” column by Harsha Bhogle in Indian Express and also a quote from the movie Hitch)
Love and sport (and sex and to women, chocolate) often evoke the same emotions (or rather, the same stimulation and release of bodily enzymes and chemicals) and this article is a reminder of that I guess. Anyways, onto the article…

There comes a time in the life of some people, only some, and it rarely, if ever, comes never more than once, really once, when they believe they can do anything, even fly; when the idea of being vanquished or sad is a distant, lonely world that strange normal and mortal beings inhabit; when the world is aglow with vivid colors, the mind ceases to comprehend fear and when confidence and creativity breaches its barriers and flies forth into audacity without even recognising it. This is how it feels to be in love. Or wait, that is the best I can tell of how I felt when I was in love.
When this happens, unlucky souls can only shrug their shoulders and accuse, in jealousy or pity, calling it as being ‘in the zone’. That is the best they can do because no matter how hard people tried to express this feeling, for all beautiful words, sounds, pictures and symbols of toungue, ink and pen, this feeling has escaped description. And no drug, solid or liquid or gas, however hallucinating, has taken a person there, although people try, virtually or in desperation. Or it might be, which is suspiciously so to me, we cannot comprehend the true feeling that is expressed, for we live not in a lovely, unscriptable world but in the real world. Being in love is like being on a pedestal placed atop Mt. Everest and every moment a epiphany. Once again, just my best effort.
In course of time, everyone steps down from that pedestal. Indeed one is made to by this strange unending reality show called life, and then, looks back and gasps at what has happened and wonder if this can ever happen again. One cannot take oneself there again – to that exact point – for true love can only happen once and one is forever condemned to being seen in that heavenly light. We can dream. That is the only hope. And we can undoubtedly fall in love again for no matter what people say, we almost have an infinite capacity to love. But, to be frank, never will we ever go back to that bliss. And no matter how many times, we’ve been there or fake it, when we come back, it hurts.
All of a sudden the fear that was dismissed from our presence is an object to be respected, the mind starts conjuring possibilities that it wasn’t required to imagine in that state. Almost everyone has lived in both worlds, some have yet to make that journey but inside, we all believes we can fly. And so one cannot understand why people, all of us having infinite possibilities, are living out a mundane life while we can kiss the breathtaking. Of all things, love is one thing that makes every normal person feel extraordinary, even if only for a fleeting while. In course of time, as experience has told us, one too shall descend and live with the mortals and another young will wonder why. Those ‘in the zone’ are ruled by instinct and often create what is often wondered and seems unearthly, but one has to eventually descend and must see and embrace reason and caution.
That is why we believe of going back to that world when we could be perfectly happy by just being like everybody else and facing what life dishes out. Of course, everyone, as we speak, is at a different stage and from the beginning of the end which no one wants to confess as being just yet, when we have to become respectful; in a manner of speaking, behaving as brother/sister, father/mother or a dear friend, we embrace reason, and get gripped of caution that surely cause us to live uneventful lives eventually. We want be to on song, which is only very misleading because when ‘in the zone’,  people give the impression there is nothing wrong with the world, indeed that there is little right with the suffering and tensions and treachery that are around us. Those that had seen that before would have thought the world was a friendlier place and everybody smiles.
It is all in the mind. The surgeon that can find his way through a maze of capillaries must one day wonder how to go past an artery; Lata Mangeshkar must listen to Mughal-e-Azam and gasp of who is it that has sung it. This happens, believe me. Of how one would have lived in such bliss. And one does not certainly need to be in love – although it helps – to make the world a better place. One needn’t be there because one can’t help thinking though why cant we be what we choose and want to be, that why cant we all write a script ahead of its time, that why cant we look at ourselves in a crystal ball and snatch the future? In all fairness, we all do that sometimes, but when we do, we dont feel it and worse still, let the future take its course. Somehow to me, being powerless is something that we are all perfectly happy to be. To be lead, rather than lead comes natural to us I suppose.
Meanwhile, those ‘in the zone’ live the most breathtaking lives, mind unburdened by any thought other than to be with your lover. Life is simple, we draw bold strokes on the canvas, and we are free of anxiety – the greatest worry that can befall on a human. They are being nice but the world is letting them down for with all the gifts life lines up for us, people seem to be chained by worry and anxiety and self-doubt. One is creating joy and it is being marred by the rest of the world. Often, people who take a fall also become cynical. The fall is inescapable but yet, one has to know that it is scripted in rock. It will happen. Sorry to spoil the suspense. Key is what can one do while this lasts and without being in it, something that lasts?
This is what everyone in love must contribute the most. To show what it feels like. To spread the cheer and not be closed off in some dreamland. Carry the unbelievable joie-de-vivre everywhere forever and unlock doors for everyone as we are all fine seagulls meant to fly high and gracefully but yet, having to squabble for happiness. Because that’s what people should do. Leap, and hope to God they can fly, because otherwise, you just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down, why in the *hell* did I jump? But here we all are, either fallen or never having flew. The problems of people lie, like with so many others – plant and beast – in that most beautiful and complicated arena – tis the mind silly – clothed in simplicity one day and indecipherable on another.
It is in the mind that all the battles must be fought because everyone can fly; those who are ‘in the zone’ and who are out of it and who want to be in it.


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