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Distribution Problem
(from a discussion with KKK on a Sunday 24th April 2005)

Will clean up the personal references later on –
keeruns: What do u want to settle as finally? Any plans to go big in India?
sriks: big plans buddy – to make the world a better place – solve the biggest problem of all
sriks: the problem of distribution
sriks: probably work in an NGO
keeruns: what distribution
sriks: or a charity organization
sriks: hmmm…
sriks: does it not bother you that in one part of the world, there is so much food that the major problem for that country is obesity
sriks: whearas in other countries, there is no food and the biggest problem is malnutrition and death by starvation?
sriks: think!
sriks: today, we can deliver packages and goods quite efficiently – but yet, the basic needs (roti, kapda, makaan) – where are they?
sriks: for all humans that is
keeruns: hold on
keeruns: hmmm
sriks: it is primarily a problem of distribution
sriks: somewhere a doctor needs patients, somewhere patients need a doctor
keeruns: so how do u got abt solving this problem
sriks: somewhere a mom is throwing excess food in the garbage (you know the leftovers) – somewhere people could live from those
sriks: if I have to tell you mate, I am afraid I have to kill you
sriks: just kidding – too much James Bondism
keeruns: bondaa bokkaaa
sriks: which is other way of telling that “I dont know”
keeruns: so how do u got abt solving this problem
sriks: but the first step to solve a problem is to identify it
keeruns: right
sriks: and to admit there is a problem (basic psychology)
sriks: am open to listen – you are relaxing on a Sunday – THINK!
keeruns: everytime, u say something else abt ur plans.
keeruns: what should i believe
sriks: simple – the biggest plan I made
sriks: in my whole life is…
sriks: never to make plans
keeruns: hahaha
keeruns: u mean, act then and there
sriks: because plans only are visible when they break
keeruns: thats a good sentence
sriks: that is being impulsive which is stupid
sriks: no, that is a Sriksism!
sriks: sare gaani – nee visheshaalu cheppu
keeruns: u mean, my plans
sriks: how much are you getting paid et al.
sriks: yeah, if you have plans, those too
keeruns: its not comparable with ur UK pounds mann
sriks: what is the project and what are the terms
sriks: yeah – 700 pounds after expenses into a bank account is not that much I guess
keeruns: see, i am in the field of networking, routing protocols in particular
sriks: see, you are building expertise on distribution problems
keeruns: no bonds
keeruns: whatttttt
sriks: routing = look-ahead distribution
sriks: no?
keeruns: have many plans ( or dreams )
sriks: one of it is to buy a bike which no one is willing to sell you I guess
sriks: got any new photos?
keeruns: biking a bike is not at all a plan mann
sriks: yeah, it is a dream
keeruns: got some with one of my colleagues, but he lost his digi cam
sriks: sare, so what are your plans
keeruns: r u coming to india, to start a company/NGO/pub …
sriks: now you got a high paying job
sriks: all you need is a rich good looking wife, a car, kids, a big house etc.
keeruns: now market is doing better in India, each one is paying than what u get. but OK, fine
sriks: “each one is paying what u get” – please expand
keeruns: correction: “one or other company will pay more than what u get”
sriks: I know that – that is great – but you should look at US jobs dude
sriks: what we get paid in India is peanuts
sriks: I mean, we do the same work at the same quality – but still…
sriks: again, a problem of distribution
keeruns: i am not that interested to stay for years in US. coming in B1/L1 and staying for not more than 6 months wud be fine.
sriks: emi – what has US done to you?
sriks: and what will Hyderabad or India ever do to you?
sriks: see, that is the problem right there
keeruns: if there is no problem of distribution, there is no development. THINK
sriks: only if you become filthy rich, will you ever care about donating something to charity
keeruns: but can’t u become filthy rich staying in India.
keeruns: there r many examples.
sriks: when you cannot earn enough or just enough to get you by and make ends meet, where is the time or money for others
sriks: exactly
sriks: so why stay in India knowing fully well that in some other place, you will get paid 10 times more?
sriks: this is the Israeli model – and we should emulate it
sriks: “you can get it if you really want” – yeah yeah yeah (it is a song)
sriks: most people here study and go to US and send the money to Israel
sriks: they are building their entire country on American money
keeruns: i agree. One more Q: r u going to settle abroad ( as NRI )
sriks: I hate that word NRI
sriks: who is talking about “settling” dude?
sriks: the problem with Indians is that we do not MAXIMISE
keeruns: so what will u do?
sriks: we are happy being minions of Infosys who utilise this attitude of us
sriks: always be in a place which gives me absolutely what I am worth
keeruns: i agree. That means, u will never come to India and work here
sriks: there is no point going back to India and work for Infosys knowing fully well that I am being billed for 10 times by them while I get paid the 1/10th
sriks: I will never work for anyone – I want to solve the problem no one is interested to solve
keeruns: but now, the times have changed. There r research companies coming over here. Infy is one among 1000
sriks: or do not want to solve – hmmm…
sriks: because as you said, without problem of distribution, there is no development
sriks: what do you want to do in India Kella?
sriks: what has India ever done to you?
sriks: and do you want to stay in India and try your best to avoid taxes
keeruns: u r contradicting JFKennedy’s statement !!!!!
sriks: rather than go abroad, get loads of money and send it to some charity which educates rural tribes
keeruns: see, i entirely agree with u on the terms of compensation differences.
sriks: JFK – who is that guy?
sriks: is he an Economist? – what is he?
keeruns: John F Knnedy
sriks: he is a stupid President who spoke that line written by some other guy
keeruns: once USA presi
keeruns: hahaha
sriks: nee yabba – pooka
keeruns: pookaaa
keeruns: i am on ur side man, don’t worry
sriks: everybody knows JFK – that is the irony
sriks: what is HE?
sriks: a nobel laureate? a scientist? an economist?
sriks: he is a stupid politician – a public figure-head – like Princess Diana
keeruns: ok ok
sriks: instead we should be listening to people like you
sriks: who are smart and intelligent
keeruns: haaaa
sriks: and have plans
sriks: see, once again, it is a problem of distribution (of ideas)
keeruns: orey jakki, one more sincere question, which u shud answer sincerely.
sriks: sincerely is a tricky word – but go ahead
sriks: as long as you will not propose to me
keeruns: nuvvu futurelo company pedithe, adhi Indialo pettaraa. We shud take India to the level of US if not in our life, after our life atleast
keeruns: do u agree
sriks: nopes
sriks: I do not think US is a benchmark for anything
sriks: what do you mean by US-level anyway?
keeruns: highly developed, with no unemployment and other problems
sriks: that everyone should be living in green suburbs, driving 4×4 gas guzzlers – is that your idea of development?
keeruns: everyone being self-sufficient
sriks: yes
sriks: but that does not mean we have to set up a company
sriks: as I said, I am not going to work anymore – I will try to implement my ideas
sriks: if you ever saw a film called Rudraveena
sriks: that is what I am talking about
sriks: “one more sincere question, which u shud answer sincerely” is such a cliched sentence in romantic novels and movies
keeruns: no, i never had a habit of reading novels
keeruns: ok raa, how do u implement ur ideas
keeruns: ??????
sriks: no time to think for now – lemme make enough money so that I do not have to work anymore
sriks: atleast enough money so that I can insure my parents’ happiness and health
sriks: and we will fold our sleeves and get down to solve problems – again, Rudraveena is a good model
sriks: but any future society should be built of efficiency, technology and information
sriks: information is power
keeruns: good discussion
sriks: who else are you talking to
sriks: and what about your plans?
keeruns: who doesn’t want more money. I too want to earn as more(as fast) as possible, and think abt pursuing any samaritan task
sriks: nijangaaa
keeruns: make myself, my parents and family happier
keeruns: avunraa
sriks: well, get a job in MS in US dude
keeruns: but i wud love to see u working in India like Chiru in Rudraveena
sriks: no one is going to pay you more in this planet
keeruns: hmmmm
sriks: unless of course, you want to become a hero in Hollywood
keeruns: ok raa mari, got to go out.
keeruns: inkenti cheppu
sriks: nuvve cheppaali
keeruns: we can talk like this more frequently for some time, as the timings are not different
sriks: love life?
keeruns: ekkaa pattaavu aa punch line
sriks: timings not different? it is 20:00 in Israel
keeruns: i forgot, u r in israel right. How long will u be there
keeruns: how r the babes there – anyone caught your fancy
sriks: as long as they will be able to tolerate me
sriks: women are inherently beautiful – like everyone else – at some level and nopes, am a brahmachari
sriks: and will be so
keeruns: kabatte chances vunnaayi
keeruns: what will u be brahmachari the rest of ur life. that sounds interesting
sriks: figured out that starting a family is over-rated and I could probable educate 20 people with that money of marriage, wife and kids
sriks: MAXIMISATION dude
sriks: that is the mantra
keeruns: u r really chiru in Rudraveena
sriks: once you have family, you have priorities – genes are selfish inherently
sriks: intelligence is not about acting on instincts (like animals) but to get beyond that stage
keeruns: ok mari, bye for now. catch u later
sriks: yeah bye – have to work on some cartoons as well
keeruns: hello
sriks: cheppandi sir
keeruns: wassup sir
sriks: wassup?
keeruns: just relaxing at home on sunday
sriks: have a funny link for you –
sriks: hold on
sriks: http://www.superbowl-ads.com/
sriks: go to 2001
sriks: and then click on he 1st column on 2nd row
keeruns: wassup
keeruns: good one
sriks: wassupppppppppp
keeruns: any those kind of ads u hve
sriks: that is an advert site – we got to know during our MBA course
sriks: I did an analysis of them for a small essay
keeruns: u did MBA, where
sriks: which ironically, is in – go to 2005 – 5th row 4th column – FedEx one
sriks: started in IIT-M and finished in Glasgow – it was part-time and so took 3 years and still one year to go – next year, have exams and dissertation
keeruns: one question: what is ur qualification now. how many degrees do u hold
sriks: B.Tech, MS in Signal Processing from IIT-M, MBA
sriks: and probably a PhD
sriks: neat, eh?
sriks: all this while I got paid quite well – thank god to greed of corporates and capitalism…


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