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Manifesting Change

Recently, I discovered a wonderful website named ChangeThis. Quoting from their FAQ:

ChangeThis is a new kind of media. It’s calm and thoughtful and direct and transparent. And unlike almost every other form of media, it reaches people through community. If an idea is a good one, it’ll spread, because people like you will send it to their friends. Unlike a broadcaster, we’re not using FCC frequencies to send our ideas to people who don’t want to hear them.Unlike a book or a newspaper, it’s free.
And there are no ads.Unlike a web site, we’re not a place you go to. You’re more likely to get a manifesto from a friend or find one on a blog. (But if you want them before anyone else, sign up for our once-every-two-weeks newsletter.) The ChangeThis website is our archive, our info center and an easy place to subscribe.

The information I’ve discovered on the site thus far is enlightening, entertaining and covers a broad range of topics. I particularly liked The Six Laws of the New Software and One-Minute Site. If I have time, I will submit a manifesto proposal to the good people at ChangeThis. Watch out world…


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