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Blogging and the Semantic Web
(via http://phdstudent-india.blogspot.com/2004/12/blogging-and-semantic-web_27.html)

The Association of Computing Machinery has dedicated the December 2004 issue of Communications of ACM [CACM] for Blogs [Weblogs, Blogosphere].
Articles and survey research on the evolution, creation, and the reasons of blogging activity are documented. This holds great significance to understand the social networks in virtual reality, virtual communications, psychology of virtual behavior, demographic and social factors behind blogging.
Blogging as a knowledge management tool has great potential. It is not too far when all the knowledge of Internet is captured using semantic tags, xml feeds, and syndication. The question is can we semantically map all the information from the internet into knowledge? The idea is to create a self-organising internet that is autonomous in nature. An internet powered by itself can capture, and deliver content without facing hardware and software technology hurdles.
A blog can be a warehouse of agents [blog agents] that communicate with other blog agents. The blog agents will conspire to accomplish a desired user goal without any intervention. Say, you are blogging from Rajasthan [India], and you blog that you are lost and cannot find a way back. Your blog agent signals the internet. This trigger unleashes a series of agents that communicate with other travel blog agents residing in other travel blogs. They find precision maps, weather information, travel agents, and even book tickets. Blogs have been regarded as personal diary and journals, but why not a personal secretary or assistant that can accomplish tasks? It makes more sense than a diary.

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