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Yet Another NGO?

During the journey back from the SIE National Conference yesterday, got talking to a guy who was telling GS about how to go about starting a charitable institution for homeless children in Bolivia. He was telling us that most so-called charity organizations were corrupt or otherwise not working properly.
Was genuinely surprised to hear this but my surprise turned into expectation when I found out that he was from Argentina as it reminded me of my poor-rich theory. Anyway, just passed him this message via the Eden Projecthttp://www.edenproject.com/713.htm

The Power of ‘WE’
Partnerships are central to Eden.  We aim to always complement the work of others, not to compete.  The world does not need another NGO, another research station struggling to survive – it needs joined up thinking.

Eden is a place to bring together alliances to face complex challenges – the most difficult problems need the most imaginative solutions and sometimes entirely new approaches.”

I hope he will get the message. I do believe individuals can make a difference but a team and re-using is a preferred way of solving problems especially ones that rely on the philanthropy and altruism of humans.
Speaking of such projects, I wonder where Deesha is right now? They had the RISC prototype design for quite a while now…


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