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via [DTSearch Product Line Features]

DTSearch Features — Relevancy-Ranking

dtSearch can sort and instantly re-sort searches by relevancy with respect to number of hits, file name, file date, etc.
Natural language algorithms provide automatic term weighting, following a “plain English” or unstructured indexed search request.
Automatic term weighting is based on the frequency and density of hits in your files.
For example, in the search request get me Sam’s memo on the 1999 CorpX takeover, if 1999 appeared in 3,000 files, and Sam appeared in only two files, then Sam would get a much higher relevancy rating, taking you straight to the most “relevant” files.
A positional scoring option works with dtSearch’s natural language relevancy ranking to rank documents more highly when hits are near the top of a file, or otherwise clustered in a file.
dtSearch also includes variable term weighting options for both indexed and unindexed searches:
Positive term weighting can place extra emphasis on one or more words: soup:8 or recipe:3
Negative term weighting can assign negative emphasis to one or more words: red or green or yellow:-7

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