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Article: Technology and Product LifeCycles
Technology and in particular, web technologies, seem to follow typical product lifecycles. We seem to be stuck and it is all getting stickier by the day. High time since we break away from this loop and start afresh and innovate once again.
Srikant Jakilinki
IR Group, Department of Computing Science
University of Glasgow, March 2005

Red Line

Students of business and indeed many others would be aware of the “product lifecycle” concept.
– this is not economic theory
– but technology has often been seen as a product (like an iPod)
– whether we like it or not, it has followed the cycle too and that is always bad
– as per how businesses have handled the product decline (rebranding, repackaging – cosmetic changes), technology is goint through the same path – not good
– this article discusses technology it in a more abstract sense and argues that we should break away from the cycle and start the next crest – not be in a recycle mode
– there is reinvention (Blogs are nothing but websites with hype)
– take for example, email – the killer app of Inernet – and also SMS – the killer map of mobile telephony – both of them were side-effects
– just like it is not uncommon for people to buy/use a computer “I just use it for web and email” – this is the case with mobile phones – “I hardly make any calls, just text”
– Blogs in my opinion are over-rated – I see no visible difference in them and websites these days and it is full of rants and personal diaries
– I prefer to call such online ego-trips and showing-off as Plogs and Clogs – yet another website – there is actually very little Blogging going on
– the real Blogs (and there is no such thing to be fair) should be more like annotations – directed and precise – they should be a lot more than “interesting links” pages
– what this equates to is the community taking on the role of librarians – tags to some extent is the community index vocabulary
– web = local library – at first everyone is excited and are all nice – but then they realize the leeway and get corrupt and lazy –
– RSS = mailing catalogues – at first we are all excited by the convenience it offers
– what then should be removed from this system? – it is the profiteers
– if Blogs become commercialized and there is economic/monetary/visibility benefit to be had, then things will eventually spiral


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