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Blogotherapy – 1 – Righteousness is Scary
Note: Image (c) of [PhotoStock]. The last sentence inspired from [Calvin’n’Hobbes]

I always wished I could be in the position of Frasier. You know, have a career listening to other peoples’ problems and wisecrack. This is an attempt. Sometimes, at random, someone(MFM) asks a question and I(SJ) feel wise enough to give answers and by doing that discover stuff. Perhaps –
MFM: Life is slowy taking its toll on me… Greed, selfishness, vanity, closedminedness, lack of empathy, sheer ignorance and an astounding abundance of cynicism is killing the world today… What is the best way to operate? Cold and machine-like or vibrant and full of emotion? I am still waiting on my owner’s manual…
If I do not know what is best for me than who does? I pose that question to you… do YOU know what is best for me?
SJ: I do not know what is best for you MFM but I definitely know that most of us really really do not know what is best for ourselves. Or, we know it but simply do not listen to our soul as it is in a constant conflict with the angel and the devil –
dilemma angel devil
This might be probably because we are too scared of doing the right thing. The scary part is that we know what are the right things but shudder at the thought of it. For example, rationally, if we were humane enough, we should donate half of our salary to some charity. We can still get along with the other half we have quite comfortably. Or spend time teaching in Africa than roasting ourselves in Spain. That is righteousness. But do we do that? No. Reason we give: future, dependants, future and all that.
I would suggest that we all just laugh at the things that dont make sense (and there are lots of them) and be merry that we are in a position to even think about them. Most people on this planet are caught up in the daily grind to get past the day and survive. What is any life without inquiry? If we dont laugh at the absurdity that is our planet, then we cannot react to a lot of life I suppose…


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