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GUd Life – 36 – Amnesty Poster #1

Amnesty - poster 1 preview

Rationale, Comments etc. to follow…
1) The poster is done in Inkscape and the actual format is SVG (scaleable vector graphics) and hence, can be of any print quality we want
2) Notice that most things are left empty. It is not laziness. The idea being that in the TV at any point, we show the latest “news” of the world around us (there is a lot of sh*t going on all over and it seems perennial) and/or to reflect a particular Amnesty campaign (like say, we can put statistics of ‘Control Arms’). The rationale based on the ‘recency-primacy’ principle
3) The other blank slate is for anyone to re-use this poster. They could have their own contact details, a group sensitive logo or tag-line. The reduce-resuse-recycle(R3) principle. In an ideal world, this should happen automagically but then if the world were ideal, we would not be having Amnesty and this poster and indeed, the need for the R3 principle in the first place
4) I have a tendency to be quite minimalistic and use color very sparingly (except to bring out something significant like the red-logo of Earth-TV). This is of course inspired from the girl in the red dress “Schindlers List”. But am flexible. The ‘Stop Violence Against Women’ in particular uses a lot of colors in official Amnesty campaigns
5) Comment: Why Penguins?


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