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Conversation with Srikant ‘le criticale philosophere cynicale’ Jakilinki (ScJ) #1

ScJ: To be frank, life is pretty drab in this University. Nobody wants to do anything other than get drunk, talk non-sense and watch TV. I wonder how 18-22 year olds can live with such inactivity. Any thoughts?
DS: Life is what you make it. If you’re happy not doing “anything” then that’s fine. Uni is to a large extent about enjoying yourself and if you do that by watching TV or drinking or sitting doing nothing then that’s fine. Sure you won’t change the world that way, but not everyone wants to.
ScJ: Hmmm… by NOT doing anything, people are changing the world for the worse. In fact, there is a Murphy’s Law on this – “things tend to get worse if they are left alone”. And I think this explains why there is so much commercialism. People are so lazy bums that if anyone does anything (like croon in horrendous voices), they are made into celebrities of alternative music or hip-hop. Hmpf…
Am presently making a cartoon but not getting anywhere as I cannot draw but am trying. It is titled “Student Life in Glasgow”…
1) Student sleeping in a big pile of mess
2) Student listening to a lecture with a sleepy dull face
3) Student in lab obviously with a hangover and hiccupping
4) Student watching TV in absolute laziness (we have 3 of the same things here at different times in the day and weekends – yes, the same indistinguishable picture)
5) Student in pub running around and enjoying the company and watching football – shouting and screaming and all that
6) Student in some sunny location – again, sleeping
7) Student doing some activism but sleeping with the banner pole for support
8) Student sleeping in cloisters (to raise money for charity)
Anything else you can come up?
DS: I still think you’re being overly harsh on people. People are allowed to enjoy themselves you know. Believe it or not, and depending of course on how you look at it, 18-22 is still quite young, and the vast majority of people at university now will sooner or later end up as the cornerstones of western civilisation – they are the next generation, and we have to trust that they will be the ones responsible for our health care, our industry, etc etc. I would maybe add a final sketch in your series exploring this…. I disagree with your Murphy Law by the way – simply look at the government – I’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve screwed things up by meddling with things that would have been better left alone. Anyway, I thought Murphie’s law was the same as sods law – i.e. anything that can go wrong will go wrong?!
I also think the modern celebrity culture is slightly more complex than you make out – a good starting point for the modern music industry is a quote I came across recently: “Now pop stars are people you’d rather f* than listen to” (Dave Gorman).
ScJ: Correction. I am not being harsh on people. Do not even imagine what it would be like if I was harsh as it could spit poison to cause deportation. I am just curious of what people do and how anyone can live with such inactivity with the best they can come up with  in a conversation is “have you seen the match yesterday”. As for they being the next statesmen (shoot me for not using person for all I care),  that is scares the shit out of me and urinatingly worries me . That these people who I see getting drunk at the slightest pretext or no more than reason and unable to come up with a decent activity or conversation in their entire student career and with no opinion of their own will be by some twist of fate and for lack of choice and to choose the least worst, will be running countries and public services. It scares me that they will be in control of nuclear arms and other even more powerful science, technology breakthroughs. If we give America a 10-year lead in whatever dimension then the next PM of UK will probably be similar to Bush and this probably could explain why there is such a degress in values in society at large.
And the funny part is when you really think about it, very very few people are actually responsible for a huge number of things in society. That is democracy for you. No matter how hard you defend it is still aristrocracy and ogilocracy and feudal system in that we have a “ruling” class. Resistance is futile and this leads to the pop-stars topic – very few people catch the fancies of the majority of people. So, yes, pop-culture is quite complex and has historical reverberations. And the greatest contribution that a typical person can make is to *buy* stuff not even vote!
I am sorry for this anti-capitalist crap but then if we see the world still torn and strewn with war and hunger and disease and operas and what not for the time we are around, I will hardly be surprised of why this is the case. Maybe my time here in Glasgow is helping me manage my expectations of the future (the glass is empty but the good thing is that we still have the glass). Our generation (or the next generation) is not only lazy, ganthal’ed but also apathetic and raised on a heavy dosage of pulp and fiction. God save us and our children and this planet. Since you quoted, I will quote one too – “this world is going straight to hell” (from ‘American Beauty’, slightly changed)
Also, (there is always an also), you agreeing or disagreeing with a law is not going to make a dent of a difference. If I choose to ignore the law of gravity, it does not make the apple float up, will it? It is a fact of nature that when things are left on their own, they get worse. If you sleep long enough at one sleeping, maggots will be formed in the gut. That is a theory that Rip Van Winkle is a myth 🙂 You know what I think? I think this place is just not conducive to do anything much. It is too damp and too wet and too cold and too dark. What else can we expect people to be but a function of geography (this is Jared Diamond by the way), eh?
As for the extension to the cartoon, we extend the time-scale and show a guy sleeping in a parliament session. Or sleeping in an aircraft while a pilot. And we show it heading towards the twin-towers. It is anybodys choice what to make out of it…
DS: Referrring to your –
“BLANK SLATE – Call for Submissions
Are you a London-based black or ethnic minority filmmaker? Got an idea for a short film and want £8.5k to make it?
‘If you’ve got the talent, we’ve got the money to make it happen!’ say those nice people from B3 Media.
As a strategic partner to the UK Film Council’s Digital Shorts Scheme and with co-funding from the Arts Council England, B3 media are looking for up to eight ethnically diverse, London-based filmmaking teams to produce a cutting edge short film, shot and edited digitally. The final eight will be offered bespoke training in the development of their idea from script to screen. For guidelines and an application form, email shorts@b3media.net”
and your suggestion that we can make a film and apply for it as you are ethnic and a Londoner, I would say that the film advert sounds like a fairly typical Arts Council racist – sorry, I mean equal opportunities, ad. I think it is the filmmakers themselves that need to be of ethnic origin, and I’m not sure I qualify as London based anymore
or ethnic! Ethnicity annoys me anyway, especially in contexts like this – “lets make a point about how diverse the world is, that sounds fun, oh and why not also highlight how hard done by different communities are, while educating those white bastards who are always being oh so racist and intolerant”. Sorry.
ScJ: Why be sorry? Never be sorry for your opinions is my policy and truthfully, I have no comments with your racism. We are all implicitly and sometimes explicitly racists. We see a hundred girls in a bar and we go ga-ga over a few because they are prettier than others. That is racism. And FYI government policy in any country these days is akin to “Dogs and Indians are allowed” (hmmm… another cartoon here). They still acknowledge racism in many ways  😉  They want to and there is a complex politicio-socio-economo-culturo theory for this I am told.
More on this soon. Watch this space…


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