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Various Theories on People, Ego, Flowers et al.

I am making a modest attempt to bring out various theories that you will find out in due course of this post. These theories will be brought out in a serial way (I hope) taking into account a number of conversations and observed behaviour over the past one week involving either me or observing someone else (more latter than former). But here is a summary – partially because I am tied up for a while and hence cannot expand on this note for now –
1) People do not really know why they like what they like or hate what they hate or do what they do. It is all mob opinion and conformity. For example, if you ask them why they go to a pub or watch TV or play football or why they like the movie “Annie Hall”, they cannot really answer and whatever they come up with is so dumb that dumbness would feel numb. Hence, people get offended or do not like being asked simple 6-wise-men (why/what/where/when/who/how) questions of their beliefs and value systems. The answer is that they simply do not know the answer. There is another word that describes people who cannot answer. It is dunce/idiot. Most people do not like to think that they are idiots which is idiotic in itself because no one knows everything and hence we are all idiots in some frame of reference of some observer. I am one for sure. I do not have the faintest clue of how to explain the strange spectral lines (unknown compounds or transmission error?) found in the data sent by the Huygens spacecraft landing on Titan. Do you?
2) People are so pre-occupied with themselves and what they think and what everything means to them that they seldom, if at all, try to think from the other persons perspective. So much so that even welfare advisers have to be given training. Somewhere along the line, we lost our capacity for empathy is my theory. This applies to not only big things like matters of love and death but also simple trivial things like being given flowers. In other words, we are implicitly egomaniacs. Everyone of us and as a proof, try to think of one thing in your entire life that you did which was done in true philanthropic interests and which did not benefit you directly or indirectly. Giving money to charity is out of the running for various reasons which I will not answer because if you do not know what I am going to answer, my explaining it is not going to help and there is a limit that I can dumb down my posts. If this is way over your head, obviously you are in the wrong page or reading the wrong post.
No offense but the above sentence was to push the point of egocentrism across more forcefully. Yes, I am one and I am not ashamed to admit it. I have to like myself because I have to live with myself for the rest of my life (and perhaps later). So, you see
3) People expect for some strange reason, the word “sorry” from everyone else to the extent that I feel that it is so diluted and it has no value anymore. People derive some strange sadistaction by making others feel sorry. If one is really sorry, then words are useless. If they feel offended by any of others remarks or behaviour or words, it is their problem, entirely. They are the ones who are over-reacting (they think it is sensitivity but it is not) and think things in such a twisted way? So, if one gives them flowers, it could be that they value them not a conspiracy to get them mushy and drunk and high and into bed. The things people think. Oof…
4) No matter what social dynamic we find ourselves in, they are all small world networks in a negative sense because it will never be that we get to know every other and there will friendship oozing out but there will be pockets and breakaway groups. The worst are the hubs of popular/attractive people and their chamchas. And as always, I look at the periphery. I am not going to comment on the attractive/popular people (the ones who get notes on depressing V-Day games) but the ones around them. They intrigue me as zoologists are intrigued by parasites. I fail to understand how can these chamchas live with themselves of playing second fiddle to someone else? Do they think some of the popularity will rub-off and they can become identifiable (you are her friend, right?). This has got to be the saddest thing of all. OK, what else can they achieve? They are like scavengers. The chances are the popular person is already taken and hence they can easily pick up the broken hearted who are surprisingly easy pickings
So, gear up for exploring a week in the life and brain of SJ. Hmmm… where to begin? Let us take a reverse chronological approach…
– That is why crushes are such a scary things to me. If you ever get proposed by a person, you will know what pressure really is. It cooks you alive. You are in a quandary of what to do. Why did this person do it? What made her do it? What are the pros and cons? What will this person do if you reject it? What will be the future like? As I said, it is just too difficult to think of others. I give it up.
– People often ask me why I never say sorry. Well, if they feel offended by any of my remarks or behaviour as it is their problem, entirely. Who asked them to be so sensitive and think things in such a twisted way? For example, E asked me if I left some flowers. Why would I? And even if I did, why would I do in such a manner? So, let us say hypothetically, I gave flowers – what is it I would give it for? To appreciate other people for being there. What is such a big deal about this as evidence by aloofness. People have issues. With themselves. Mostly. That is what I think. For me, I hate everybody – equally.
– Now, S is a particular specimen. She thinks that she is smart. Good for her. But she tries to outsmart others and if such a thing is tried upon me, obviously, the chances are that she gets buffooned that is what happened time and time again. Poor thing. She tried hard and at one point asked something what she is good at – philosophy. And we all know what happened there I suppose…
– Who is the most argumentative? – you – committee does not count – we will expel you and then give this prize
Well, there you go. I’ll tell you how it happens. Imagine you are being shown the place by someone who thinks that she/he know about the club. Innrevocably, things happen that you beging to describe “the tall blonde short one is the – he is quite desperate” – “the dark one is the – he is quite argumentative” – there it is there. By the other-person-knows-it-better principle, this image/characteristic of the person is burnt into your mind and even if this guy is not what he is made out to be, we always see him in the light that is first presented. Whatever you say seems like an argument
– So, what is an argument?
And I strongly believe in the “any argument has three sides
When did invoking the 6-wise-men rule (who, where, when, why, what, how) become arguing, eh?
– You know what I think? I think people do not like to be questioned in their beliefs and faiths. That is fine. We have had enough bloodshed in this world because of that (duh, Crusades) but what bothers me is these beliefs/faith is not based on their discovering it but rather, someone else imposing on them. Like religion for example. Let alone such a complicated thing and let us consider a simple thing as a movie. As a case in point, the movie Annie Hall or Matrix. These are one of those pseudo-intellectual movie that everyone says they like it and understood it because it is cool to do so.
– When someone says that “I love Annie-Hall/Matrix movie”, the safe bet is to tell them ditto. And not to ask them why? Because if you do, they do not really know the answer as it never strikes to them at an emotional level becuase there are very few people in this world who know what it feels to be in love or who know what free-will and choice and freedom is about. The chances are they saw this movie because every bf-gf couple is supposed to see it and because of the vixen outfits or sun-glasses.
– So what happens if you ask why like I do? There are only two possibilities. They either think you are dumb or they are being put in their place. When people do not really know the answer (you must know if you ever attended interviews), the first obvious thing is to defend why they dont know the answer. It is surprising how many people think they know so much about everything. The truth is they are quite dumb. Because if they are not, they would not be in a smoky bar talking bull-shit at 10:30 in the night. If they were smart, they would be doing something else – more noble or worthwhile or discussing bank transfers in the millions with their investment banker…
So, you ask me why I go there and do the same things? Because I am dumberer and someone has to capture some memories of
– the chances are the person did not actually get that movie at all but it is just hip or cool to say so. Such a behaviour is also seen in music. Some bands are just brands. If you are a rebellious, anarchist kind of person so-and-so band is gonna be your favourite. Notice the word rebellion and anarchy – those are the keywords…


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