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SVA Poster – Mixed Feelings
Just saw an interesting poster today. Well, not so much a poster as it was just A4 in size. I will scan it and put it here when the date expires. For some reason, students here are so irresponsible that they do not care to take out their posters when the date has passed making the notice boards full of noise and a put-off beating the primary purpose of broadcast. Anyway, coming back to the poster.
It was an open invitation to a party or something in order to raise funds for Students Volunteers Abroad (SVA) programme. Apparently, they will use these funds to build schools and all that. Hope they will able to raise some funds. The poster had a tribal party with a rather striking image of a fat woman with a pot belly and almost-birthday suit doing some mambo sort of dance.
I had mixed feelings because I do not understand the intention of the poster. Media is quite powerful and it is imperative that one uses it to get the right message across. Are they showing that these people are tribals and stuck in a blissful ignorance and so we should be their saviours? Well, that is not giving them enough respect, aint it and we deciding what is good for them. Or, is it to show that they’re having a party and happy and hence we should just join them in the fun. If so, then why go there to build schools and spoil the fun, eh? If you are going to party, why go there. Rather stay here and clean up the back alleys of Glasgow.
No matter how negative this post is to the poster, it did not make me convinced enough to go to the fund-raising thing. Maybe since Ch is involved, I might but I wonder how many potential people were lost owing to bad mass-media communication skills of some SVA person.

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