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English-Telugu-English Translation
First of all, congratulations for Ramesh (rammy) for his marriage and also for his sister’s marriage. In true Flubber spirit, we had some fun with translations of his invite. If there are any semantic errors, dayachesi kshaminchandi… OK, here is the schematic –
> tag is originating English
# tag is verbatim Telugu translation
$ tag is verbatim English translation of # above
> My sister is getting married on 13th Feb. Would have cherished your physical presense, but I can adjust with your blessings.
# Maa chelli pelli Feb-13 na. Meeru mee sareerika roopaaltho vasthe chala anandistanu. Kani meeru raanakkarledu, deeviste chalu.
$ My sister marriage is on Feb-13 … You need not come, blessings are enough
> But there won’t be any excuse for my marriage which will probably be in May-05
# Kaani May-05 lo jaragaboye naa pelli ki maatram vacharante kshamapana undadu
$ But for my marriage in May-05 if you come, there will be no forgiveness
> I will be on away and out of Bangalore from 7th Feb to 18th Feb. I can be reached @ xxx-yyy-zzz (phone number)
# Meeru kopamochi nannu tannadaniki raboyeru … nenu idi munde voohinchi bengulooru vadili paari pothunna. Kaani meeru nannu titte avakasam dooravani dwara istunna. ee number xxx-yyy-zzz lo nannu meeru tittukovachu…
$ I know you would want to beat me up but I will be running away from Bangalore. But you have the option of scolding me by telephone…
Neat, eh? Maybe, perhaps, somehow these translations have the power to bring out hidden intentions 😉


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