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Me, Lovejoy?

If there was a parallel universe and I were to be a love therapist/cupid and if I were to quiz myself on matters of love, this is probably how it would go –
Q: Goodevening Dr.Srikant ‘lovejoy’ Jakilinki
A: Goodmorning. It is tomorrow in Australia you know
Q: Yeah, whatever. Welcome to the show
A: This is probably where I should say “my pleasure or my honor” but as a scientist I cannot say that at this moment. Let us see how it goes
Q: People told me about it. That you never answer questions in a straightforward manner
A: Correction. I do not answer questions – a)asking the right questions is a very hard thing to do b)there are no answers, only the search and c) you are not asking me any questions
Q: So, what do you do when someone asks a question?
A: I give my opinion. Sometimes a truism. But mostly I dump my neuroses and beliefs
Q: But that is what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to give an answer. No?
A: Just putting a No? at the end of a sentence does not make it a question. But to address your question specifically, yes, I am supposed to give an answer but as I said I do not give them and it does not bother me. If you are smart enough, you will find the answer for yourself in whatever I tell you. There is real pleasure in finding out things for yourself
Q: Dr.S, our readers are getting impatient of this rather blethering conversation. We shall proceed with love questions if I may?
A: True. Lets get on with it
Q: So, the first question – is there something called a true love?
A: What do you mean? One true love? I do not think so. We as humans (if we behave like one, not act like one) have an infinite capacity to love. Just like squirrels
Q: You mean that a person can fall in love any number of times as he/she wants?
A: Yes. I keep falling in love all the time. The trick is not to fall too deep so as to hurt yourself and not being able to fall in love again. Being in love is a state of mind and spirit and it is a joy to be in love. What is any life without saying “I love you” to someone? That is a life not lived. So, we can fall in love as many times as we want and we all do. We just do not know it as love is full of mixed signals. But I have to say that there are atleast two kinds of love that are especially special
Q: What are they?
A: I thought you’d know that and everyone knew that but in an era of dumbing down, I have to say out probably. The first one is our first love.


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