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Simple Questions # 31

Why dont we celebrate the 454th anniversary of University of Glasgow as grandly and openly vainly as that of the 450th or 500th anniversary? Why arent there big banners touting and advertising and branding that number? Why dont people feel good about 454 as they feel good about 500? What did 500 ever achieve except that it is just a dumb number like any other?
Think about it. Whether it is 450, 454 or 500, they are all just numbers and the aim of an anniversay is to celebrate the establishment/birth of it although it is a truth widely acknowledged that we do not have the papal bull that really makes us an University but what the heck. The question is what does the number have to do with it, eh?

If you are wondering of the provenance of this question, I just saw an icon (shown on left) and it made me wonder. What exactly are we celebrating? And why do these multiples of 10’s and 25’s and 50’s and their subsequent linguistic and metallic counterparts like decades, century, silver, golden, platinum etc. have any importance to us? Is this anything endemic, psychological, evolutionary, sociological, conditional… knock, knock, anyone out there?

Just in case you are as wierd and are pondering, I started with a totally random number (31) in this “simple questions” series. So, do not look for other weird questions (for now anyway). Why did I start with an arbitrary number? Well, read the post again and understand it pal 😉


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