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On Women Feminists
I really have little respect to women feminists and this post explains why. Just to clarify, I do not like women feminists for what they are but not the ‘women’ in that role as it is described and percieved. Confusing? Do not worry, it will be clarified. Enjoy the ride as the post is quite simple and is probably a good example to show of how inter-related everything is because this meme has its origins in a mail I got from club-society mailing list. It went –
“…we are in need of (someone) for (something) at the end of February. The dates for it are (sometime). If we do not find (someone) to man (thisthing), we will have to cancel and so please get back to me as soon as you can…”
For the record, this was sent by a girl. No names. This is what I replied –
“…hope you will get someone to *person* this. We have to be politically correct these days as per social policy you know…”
Although I meant this to be a C3 (cheeky, chalky, cheesy) answer, there is actually a serious issue brimming under the surface. Right, gear up. There are two things here. One is that the mail is not politically correct at all because it is primarily sexist. And I cannot attribute that to the common excuse people give that English is inherently and grammatically a sexist langauge. Well, what are the linguists doing about it and why isnt anyone start correcting the situation? And such a because-of-common-parlance excuse – staying as it is in a Western “enlightened” country – is a perfectly dumb thing to say. Not to mention that if you know that you know that people often use it, then, why did you use it? That is abuse to me. Now, we can talk about perfection and abuse of language and power all day but let us focus…
I ask why has it to be that when it is the hard job and things get tough, it inadvertently becomes a man job? What is this whole notion of feminism which is (to me) just being sexist but with a more gentle, nay, feminine spin? What do these feminists want? They say that they want equal rights and equal respect in society for women. That is plain stupid to me because dunce, women have always been given more respect in society. Why lower them to men status. Some people say that this has to be expected because if it is womens’ demands, this is only natural as women are naturally evolved (it is Darwin who said so) to demand for things which are just plain frivolous, unneeded and foolish. No comments. If it is men who tag themselves as feministst for various reasons, then people say that men, smarter as they are, are trying to break the enemy camp from inside. These men feminists are like spies and double agents and we all have read all those boring stories and novels and films about spies. They are plain boring and so let us focus on another species viz. women feminists – we collar them as WF.
Now, before any of you read this and try to trash me off, let me just say one thing gun, smoke and barrell. I respect women. Deeply at that. My Mom is a woman and I fell in love with a bunch of women in my life thus far. I need no other reason than these to justify my admiration I suppose. Without women, there would be no reason for this world to survive even if it was scientifically and technically possible to. What is any life without beauty? So, I hope that things are clear that I respect women (ask the hundreds of them I gave up my seat to in buses in India – the 900 one from Sriharipuram to Ushodaya – there is evidence too). I actually think being a woman is a gift and actually a better thing. Always has been, it is and should be. Of course, it is very painful to give birth to a child and it hurts to take on other peoples woes but that is part of being a woman. Deal with it.
But, (there is always a but), I do not understand (and so reject) WF. First of all, the very word. Is it not just wierd that certain women call themselves feminists? I mean, if not feminists, what else can WF be? What woman does not want respect (admiration/oogled-at by another name) from others? So, my lord, I call for the word feminism to be made illegal and non-attributable as applied to women. If I was a lawyer I would argue my case thus.
There is another wierd thing about WY. They look, act and behave like men. Remember, the same sort of men they hate because they are macho and sexist. You can probably check it out yourselves. Look at people in the department of feminist studies in your University or even those active WF around your community. It is just conspicious that they are larger than average. Next, they inadvertently have short hair. And have mannerisms more like that of men – walk, talk, gawk – than women. Now why is that? Are these WF ashamed to be a woman? If so, they are probably bad spokespersons for womanhood. No? You will always also see that these WF keep complaining of how girly other people are. When did looking good, spreading gossip (information transfer, stud), being kind and caring become vices, eh? The point I am making is that WF is an oxymoron – with emphasis on the morons part.

The thing that makes me sad is that like all bad things, WF is a disease that is getting to everybody. Anything that is a mob thing is essentially bad. Look around.
You see girls wearing jeans and t-shirts. Maybe tight ones but then they are atmost unisex clothes. How many girls do you know who wear jewellary? Those delightful bangles and earrings and ‘pattikalu’ that is music to appreciating ears? I think someone out there can do a thesis on the musical therapeautic function of jewellary to society. If you ever heard of the jingle of bangles, you will know what I mean. Many a poet has become a poet inspired by such sights and sounds. Aah, nostalgia of being in India and seeing girls, being shy and delicate and unreachable and mystical. But this is shapeless Scotland and the only time girls over here wear jewellary is when they are ‘dressing-up’ because they are supposed to look beautiful for some stupid occassion like a club/society ball. I mean if they think they look good in jewellary and in womens’ clothes, then why cannot do they do it all the time? A thing of beauty is a joy forever they say. And the hatest thing of all is that once when I gave up my seat to a lady in the subway, she actually did not accept it and looked at me in a terrified way. Hellooo, excuse me. That was a minimum courtesy call. Humph… WF have changed a wonderful societal structure of gentleman-ness – oops, gentleperson-ness – into something taboo and that is detrimental to the group they represent. Or think they represent anyway.
Moral: Admire and Celebrate Womanhood! Either if you are a woman or a man. There is some saying that a true man is one who acknowledges in the superiority of women. To be frank, I dont. No one is superior or inferior. We all have our little things in which we are good at and in which we are bad and horrible at. And many things in which we just do not know about. Like for example, I do not know anything about mating behavior in sea-horses. Why should I? As the saying goes, we are all unique like every other…
PS: And yes, the (somethings in somebrackets) is Lisp notation and I intend to build a semantically accurate description of this post. Some other time…


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