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Citizen Media
from Mediaah (http://mediaah.blogspot.com/2005/01/monday-memo-beware-of-blog.html) and probably worth exploring in UoG:
“…to better appreciate “blogpower”, let’s hypothetically consider I am a student and have nothing better to do in my summer vacations. I decide to set up a blog on Delhi, and with the help of collegemates and friends in and around the metrop, I get read to cover all types of happenings. The response is lukewarm initially, but a friend of mine was at the scene of a crime at, say, Connaught Place, and he used his cameraphone to click pictures and flashed the news to me on phone within seconds. I used a contact to reach out to television channels and newspapers telling them that I have live footage of the camera, and by the next morning, the story and site becomes the most popular thing around town!
…what I’ve stated is a piece of fiction, but to those of us who are in the business of news are well-aware that the above is eminently doable. However, it’s not that all of this cannot be accomplished by traditional media. Use the power of the medium to your advantage. Grow a blog yourself, and develop a citizens-aggregated news offering. First on the website, with an incentive that if the news is really good, it will find its way in print/ television. Encourage the use of webcams, digicams and cameraphones and let people ‘file’ their stories to you round the clock…”
And here is somewhat similar from O’Reilly Network – Stewart Butterfield on Flickr (http://www.oreillynet.com/lpt/a/5607):
“…Flickr is a phenomenon, a fundamentally different way of using digital photography and the Internet. Flickr is simply the manifestation of the perfect storm of camera phones, consumer broadband, blogs, *heightened self-interested journalism*, RSS, and folksonomy tags. Several of these factors come together in a simple post by Cory Doctorow on the Boing Boing site.
To quickly deconstruct, we’re looking at someone discovering an extraordinary photo by subscribing to an RSS feed defined by a metadata tag and posting it to his blog. While Cory copied the photo over to Boing Boing’s site, it could just have easily been served by Flickr via their integration with major blogging software.
Flickr is part of something else too, something radical: the massive sharing of what we used to think of as private data. Photos, bookmarks, and journals used to be considered personal. The social networking revolution–which encompasses everything from Flickr and del.icio.us to blogs and wikis to P2P itself–encourages us to share everything.
The sharing imperative includes not only stuff but also ideas, such as how we think about things (tags) and how we program (APIs). From this openness spring galaxies of supporting applications, revolving around a core web service like Flickr…”
Phew! This is definitely worth trying out in this mobile-crazy place with full of bored dipsomaniacal people!


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