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Many people have often asked me what life in India is like. Well here is a snippet from http://www.goodnewsindia.com/index.php/aPersonalIndia/journal/page1/
“Most Indians have most things in common: a family-centred life, modest ambitions that India can certainly help them attain, a conviction that their country is a good place to be in, that tomorrow will be better than today, a work ethic, an awareness of the power of the systems that surround them – the employer’s, state’s and God’s.
They stand in lines to vote, send their children to the armed forces,practice their religions, pay their dues, hunt for bargains, treasure their ration cards, fear taking loans, reach out to poor relations, keep in touch with their ‘native places’, believe in divine justice, spoil their children, care for the elderly, venerate their ancestors, enjoy company picnics, celebrate the festivals, cultivate traditional arts, give alms, believe in destiny…
It is their collective lives that makes sociologists declare Indians are religious, have family values and are hard-workers. Together, these little known people have powered the Indian continuum.
Material contentment comes easily to the these Indians. And once there, they begin to reflect. What next?: a new group, a skill, a charity, a happening, a journey, a discovery, a belief… the dormant social engineer in them is preparing to act.”


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