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International Society Pub Jots # 3
Yeah, I know 1 and 2 are missing for now but then who told that there should be chronological order, eh?
– Why Norway is not in Europe?
In 1994, they voted against it. And the EU thought that Norway was a bunch of fishermen anyway
– Why Russia is not in Europe?
Because EU is afraid of immigration and Russia has a huge border that cannot be protected
yeah right, what is the purpose of EU if there is no free transfer of people?
– So, met this Italian guy who wanted to go to the Cathedral tour this Saturday. Asked him why would anyone want to do that and he told me that because he will take photographs and he will remember the fun times with his friends…
that is fine but why go to a Cathedral for that? cant one remember the good times in some other way? what has tourism got to do with it?
– What is a typical Italian?
– What is a typical Spanish girl?
– How do people rate Italian cinema? Every film seems to have “explicit” scenes.
– Usually rated based on violence. There is a film in which a persons finger is chopped off and he uses a lighted cigar to stop the bleeding.
– How does this compare to Kill Bill violence? Blood spraying out like fountains and all that?
Kill Bill is cool. It is violent but yet funny
– How does one know if one is not Russian in Russia?
Can’t speak Russian. Looking confused
– Life in Canary Islands is like any other. We have roads, cars, shops…
– Russian is just like English with Russian alphabets.
No way.  Is Sanskrit just like English with Indian alphabet then?
nopes. English is like Sanskrit with English alphabet 😉
– Why would anyone learn Russian spoken by just 150million people. Perhaps Spanish is better. But Hindi pays-off due to sheer numbers.
– Why are tourists charged more?
So that they value what they see and not forget it anytime soon
– Why would anyone want to watch football or any other game rather than play it? Wheres the fun in that?
So that one could learn to play and it puts us in tension of what will happen in the game and to “our” team
or one could get up the next morning and see the results in the papers
– Why would people watch horror movies?
Because fear is a primordial emotion and we derive pleasure in it
– Do you read books, watch movies or any interests at all?
I am interested in life. And I like confusing people
– If one reads and watches so much, everything else will just be copying. Learning is just plagiarism justified!
– So, how much does King’s Theatre cost?
Probably in the millions
– Diversion Therapy
It is used in medicine and also in politics and perhaps many other things to be counted here
1) There is so much context in language and much fun can be had out of it by taking it into consideration or even if we keep ignoring it (see last q/a)…
2) The discussion of retaining history (like buildings) seems stupid to me. The Italian guy said that we need history so that we can learn from it and not make the same mistakes again. Spookingly, this is what a Top-Up tutor also told me. But then, I ask, what is there to learn from history? When were mass-murders (read, wars) a good thing? Even if we take into consideration dark ages, power of religion and all that, killing is just a bad thing to do – with or without purpose. To me, studying history is nothing more than a way to justify all our past foolery…


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