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We can use an SMS-2-Email gateway to Moblog. Yay!
Just registered to service and sent a Fresh N/W (my mobile operator) SMS to ExCell at the service number +393334774753. It worked and it forwards my SMS as email to any given address. In this case am “moblogging” by sending an email to this Blog which wraps it up as a new post 😉
This could be a good way to start GU-Logs[?] perhaps. This is how it could work –

1) If anyone sees anything remotely interesting or just feel like it, they can send an SMS (to me)
2) I could then forward it to the Blog using ExCell (maybe I could buy a bulk SMS pack initially)
3) Voila – the ‘story’ is Blogged

It would be ideal if people registered at ExCell themselves. Now, that will be true free-press.
Or Blogger could install an SMS gateway itself. Or people could just use Email on their mobile phones. Or we can have a proxy SMS number to which one can send an SMS to (without registration and costing me – how about an SRC or even NESTA funding?) and this could forward the story to the Blog.
Anycase, we can enable people in some way to keep sendng SMS bulletins… – pictures/sounds/video, where art thou?

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