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My Roof Search – Saving via Moonlighting
Here is a suggestion for you to totally disregard. I have been thinking of ways of donating to the Tsunami victims and what I am about to say is something that totally escaped my deviant mind in the first instance. If you intend to follow this advise, please remember that a standard disclaimer is in virtual effect to all I speak and do if you are looney enough to follow it.
The situation is that I have to vacate my house today. With the impending internship at IBM Haifa Labs in Israel which is about to start in February (hopefully), I have a problem which is that I cannot move into a new house sans a contract for another 11 months. If I sign the contract provisionally and have to leave earlier, I can lose my deposit and an added pressure of finding someone else to fill the room I vacate. It is an emotional pressure as well because it would be unfair on the other flatmates who have to pay extra for me as owners here (no matter what you read on the web) are leechers. Anyway, I need a temporary accomodation and there is nothing around that suits my situation. So, I depended on my friends. I asked sweet Steph, Anand, Pranjul etc. to keep their eyes and ears open if any of their friends (or friend-of-their-friend) had any spare rooms I can move into temporarily. There has been no success thus far but yesterday, I got calls from most of them offering to help out –
Anand: “ey machaan, sorry that I cannot get any temp. acco for you da but you are always welcome to my place – will come arouund and pick your stuff – i’ve borrowed a cycle”
Steph: “hi there, i’ve no reploed about a room sorry…we have a mattress&u can always move stuff in2our flat untill something else turns up if you like…s”
Steph: “hi, nt sure if iv told u already,bt murdo says u can stay@his 4one nite if ud like,i’ll be in my flat2mo until 1pm&after 8pm 2morrow if u want2bring stuff round.s”
Pranjul:”abbe sri sorry yaar room nahin khoj paaya par thum mere saath reh sakthe ho jitna chaahe lekin mera room bahuth dhoor hai par subway bagal mein hi hai – aur try kar rahaan hoon and tumhe call karoonga”
Sweet isn’t it? Very much so. I love you guys đŸ™‚
Coming to the point and topic of this post, while I was moving my stuff to Anand’s place in Kelvinhaugh Street a little while ago, we had a flash of inspiration. Suppose I spend the next month or so in a round-robin fashion. I can live in the lab (it has a kitchen and a shower and a warm cubicle and is all insured to boot) and I normally spend some nights of the week there anyway. If I feel real sleepy, I can moonlight and crash at each of these places. Even if it is for just a month that my friends can bear my nuisance, I can easily send the 200+ quid that I saved (see the “saving principle” post) and send it to the Tsunami relief organizations. Neat, eh? The one that really set off on this tangential thought was when we just pondered over that the poor people in affected areas having lost their homes and property are living in government shelters susceptible to disease and surviving on charity of other poor people while we are paying more money than what our dads earn for a crappy roof over our head in Glasgow. Can there be more apparently visible inequality?
Anyway, heavy stuff apart doc, now imagine if 1 in every 5 students in the University vacated their rooms and did such round-robin moonlighting thing for a month or even longer? That is doable since this would mean that on average they have to spend 30/4 = 7.5 days at each of the other 4 friends place? Accounting for parties and all, it would mean that they have to spend just one day per week at their friends’ place. Not very inconvenient in my opinion as I would not mind my friends to crash in at my place once a week at all. No Sir, not at all.
Let us calculate the savings. Statistics show that 50% of students stay in rented accomodation. That is 9000 students. So, if we can have 1/5th of them saving money to the tune of 220£ per month, that would be 1800*220=396,000£ that could be used for charity. That is quite an impressive figure. If only, we could get this idea through SRC or QMU or just spreads like a virus. It takes 5 people to make this happen. And if you cannot get a circle of 5 friends to even think and ponder over such a possibility, I do not think you have a life mate. Sorry, but I am being direct and you are the victim of this indirect abuse to your relationship skills. Life is unfair you know…

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