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Weather, Fat, Heat and Countries
I have a question. Is it true that when the weather is cold (winter, cold countries – in temperature and feelings), people put on weight? This is not logical. I mean, in colder environs, our body has to burn up more energy to maintain our 98.4F temperature. If that is the case then calories must be burnt. Just like coal in a steam engine. Certainly more energy must be used in heating up than cooling the body down in hotter environments which is just water evaporation by means of sweat.
So, by this reasoning, people in colder countries (like Scotland) should be leaner but it is quite the opposite. How does one explain this? More food. Less exercise. Just laziness. Lenience on better healthcare perhaps. But it is sad that obesity is being talked as a cost to the country by higher NHS bills and the advert by HealthyLiving which screams a slogan “Choose to see the full Monty” is proof enough of how the government wants people not to be and to say this is a free country. LoL.
OKie, where were we? Yes, the theory. I get it. Maybe because in winter people drink alcohol (gasoline by some other name) to keep them warm, that is used up and the random segments of fat, get accumulated. That is my theory anyway. Hmmm… tricky, but then air-conditioning uses more energy than gas stoves.

Anyway, got this stray thought while preparing to go to Stevie for some badminton and pump metal. It was all closed down for holidays for 3 weeks now and am feeling the slack already. Yuck! I say that not because I am a body fascist but because the main motivation to exercise is to hate your own body. So, chill. Am not a fitness freak but 10 push-ups every week is not too bad either. Atleast keeps me happy that I worked out. More psychological than physiological I guess. With littler exercise in India, I was much lighter or felt lighter.
I wonder if anyone here admires the effort but it bothers me a little that I can just feel the fat around my waist.
OK, another explanation which can explain many other things. Maybe the per-captia heat of countries keeps the water (all 70% of it) in our bodies in different states – as the case may be – and the conductive currents affect our brain functions too viz. explaining the cultural equilirium of countries. We are after all water-based bio-chemical pieces of junk, aint we?
What? Jared Diamond can explain everything using geography and biology and I cannot expound a theory using basic physics and chemistry? That is just cruel mate…


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