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David A. Watt sent this message today to our [Research-Students]
mailing list –

“You might be interested to know that Glasgow University comes 61’st in
the world ranking among ‘Top 100 Engineering and IT Universities’ (The
Times Higher 10/12/04). That puts us ahead of Eindhoven, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Bologna, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Chicago, Pierre et Marie Curie and
many others. The leading positions are occupied by UCB, MIT, Stanford, Indian
Institutes of Technology
, Imperial, Caltech, etc.
The Times Higher world rankings are based entirely on peer review
whereas most other university ‘league tables’ are based on arbitrary
weightings of dubious statistics”

N.B: Clipping original; Bolding mine

Well, this is indeed good news. Pity there are no rankings for
ritualisitic hegemony and lazy inefficiency otherwise we could have come
tops. In fact if such a study were to be carried out here, we would not
be able to complete it at all. And I bet that most people are just happy
that we are ahead of Edinburgh rather than that we are behind 60 other
Universities and beaten black’n’blue (see the stats to see what I am
talking about – the cream are way way tops over others). Boy, “the
glass is not only half-full (1/3 actually) but we have the glass to
ourselves as well”
seems to be the philosophy whenever Edinburgh
comes behind Glasgow in anything. What a zany rivalry!

Anyway, cynicism apart (have to write a poem to check otherwise), I
do not know if I should be happy to find myself in Glasgow which is in the Top-100 or be sad that I have dumbed down by bidding adieus to Indian Technology Institutes
where I studied and worked before. For the record, IIT’s are at #4 with 149.3 points and Glasgow is at #61 with 33.6 points. Hmmm…

Say what, on hindsight, I think this is a good thing as I am now better
able to tolerate and put up with stupidity/foolishness in all manifestations
rampant in our world (including that of myself) rather than being
sheltered into thinking that everyone has a minimum decent/iota level of
intelligence and fire-in-the-belly to make a difference to our world and work towards solving basic problems of food, clothing, shelter and literacy for the majority masses of people who still keep dying because of deprivation – 40000 people per day i.e. 10+ people every minute or 25 people in the time you took to read this – to be exact, while less than 10% of the worlds population are busy celebrating Christmas in a way that could be patented spending as much as 20% of their lifes wealth and
time to this peer-pressurized mediocrity of shiny wrappings which is seriously apathetic, expensive, cold, secretive, cheerless, obligatory and the only ‘spirit’ being that of consumption (read, alcohol in various guises) than of genuine feeling of sharing and camaraderie (bodily fluids excluded). Now that is a one helluva long sentence. It is also interesting to note that Christmas is a significant driver for the worlds economies and… Gosh! This is cynical. Need to unwind…
Should have gone to the GUIS “Cuba Norte” party but went there before (will-do-anything-once principle) and also the day before to some other party (to-see-what-its-like principle). There is a limit to how much I can take and do think that there is such a thing as ‘nothingness overload’ no matter how oxymoronish it may sound. Nuff said.

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