GU: On Self-Abuse and Friendliness Experiment

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Sorry folks for the lack of activity over the weekend. For those who do not know me (you are not missing anything, rest assured) the word ‘busy’ is just a word in a dictionary and I never cite that as a reason. And for those who know me (and are cursing themselves for this mistake) it is a no-brainer and could probably guess that I have been bitten by the L-bug again. Yes, yet again. Man, she is pretty (like everybody else) but that smile – that amazing smile. It just seems to be burnt and etched in my mind. I hope I will get over this phase and overdrive. At first I thought it was just an infatuation blah blah blah… Not that I dont like this feeling but other things have to be done (like coding) than poetry and romantic interludes. Anyway, over the course of a walk yesterday while contemplating about all this and my interactions with her thus far and in various contexts, I think I might have figured out why people get down to self-abuse when you ask them to describe themselves (or write a bio). The principle is that most people think it’s often better to cannibalize their own ego (by self-abuse) than to give someone else an opportunity to do it. This is quite odd…
Somehow people think this is a better way of dealing with their self-percieved reputation which they haven’t any. Duh, if they had reputations in the first place, someone else will have enough pay-off to be writing about them. Not themselves! Whatever it is, I probably think these people are atleast somewhat better than those busy characters who cannot write even a few lines about themselves citing the reason “I cannot think of any”. Well, 20+ years of existence and ‘nothing’!?! You know, if someone were to ask people the greatest help/service they ever did to another human, I suspect that we will come up with “I cannot think of any” reason as well. No seriously, how many of us have ever helped an old-lady cross a street? Or push a wheel-chair? Or help out while someone was fixing a puncture on his cycle? Not out of obligation but just because another person is in trouble and can could do with some extra muscle. I personally did not and pacha kallajodu vesukunnavaadiki lokam antha pachaga kanapadthundi annattu and to add to this, there are too few such needy people and cycles are coming with tubeless tyres these days 🙂 almost as if punyaaniki kooda praaptham undaali ra babu. Yeah, we can all blame medical breakthroughs and technology of why the sin vs. good-deeds balance in the world today is so skewed.
Now, where were we? Yes, as one might have guessed from the specificity, I did the latter experiment yesterday. Took out the air of a cycle (not mine of course since my cycle was stolen), played with a tool-box pretending/trying hard to fix the puncture and being awkward with it. Noted down that over 31 minutes, 67 people crossed me (often in groups), gave amusing ‘poor guy’ looks and went on their way with ‘you know this one time I had a puncture too in the middle of…’ stories to impress their mates for whatever reason. I do not know why we humans take guilty pleasure in someone elses misery? Like, you know we like the hero in a film kicking ass of people whose only purpose is to get shot by a hero firing bullets in slow-motion and in all sorts of gravity-defying weird positions. Anyway, I should have made a film on this and for the record, I will not say that this unhelpiness reflects the unfriendliness of Glasgow because I have myself been helped by people when I asked for directions. If that is what people see as reflecting friendliness, I do not want to spoil that illusion. Living in a foriegn society is hard as it is without bringing in high expectations I suppose…


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