The GU’d Life – 11

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This will probably form a series “Know what Students did Last Summer?” –
The GU'd Life - 11

Now, now, get up from the floor and stop laughing for a while. This is as real as it gets. This will probably make it to the top of pile as it is a real student (no kidding) in full soboreity (maybe kidding) uttering these very words in Jim’s Bar at QMU during the “Unplugged” thing yesterday. It was nice (yes kidding). Anyway, never mind the contradictions and subtlety (colors, logos, food and self-sufficiency, buying, preservation, culture, language, English, liberation, Americanization).

What really cracked me up was that the person who said it, was Scottish. Problems, it seems, are always more serious on the other side. To me, Scotland faces the same problems. Golf clubs taking over land. Loss of Gaelic. Culture? Hmmm… tricky one that. Identity crisis. And I hope one can see contradiction of terms hinted through logos. Who will save Scotland? The ‘Fresh Talent Scheme’ maybe. Lets hope that the Chinese and Asians will save the day (although the world has the tendency to get into jeopardy time and again) given their sheer numbers nowadays and their inane expertise in population dynamics! Humans are a living proof of evolution because it seems to me that we do exhibit virus and rabbit like capabilities.

But seriously, when someone else decides what is good or bad or worse for others they hardly know anything about, it is just like missionary work with ethical, social, religious and moral connotations and repurcussions that I am not sure people are fully aware of. In my naive opinion, most people in such projects are like the thin lady – a bit skeptical at the whole concept and appalingly ignorant but just hitch-hiking along. It is not money from their pocket and is all supposed to be cool anyway. But it has to said that the people doing it for whatever reason have to be given a pat on their backs and I wish them luck and a nice tan.

Onto lighter things, she told me that the tribe “wrote” to them. Apparently, there are many tribes signalling big “SAVE US” smoke banners (all pun intended) because, if these tribes have a good postal system or computers with internet, can surf and write email and importantly, can write in English (to be understood by rather sophisticated people), then whats the fuss all about?


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