That "Human Rights" Declaration

24 November, 2004 at 14:13 1 comment

First of all, I will make one sweeping statement. The “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” as it stands (or dead and buried) will not work anytime soon on a global scale or even on a local scale. The world is much too screwed for that to happen. It has no hope to be followed by anyone just now. I got to know that USA and Somalia are the only two countries which are not signatories of this accord? For once, I like these countries (not that it matters) because they are atleast being truthful in what they do rather than be hypocritical. As an Indian citizen, I call for India to back out from the signatory too. Why? Indian movies are a basic violation of human rights. They cheat humans. Bihar is a state where there are a lot of humans but none of them have any rights. Not even the right to vote and yet, ministers are elected. And of course, we Indians drive to the left and not to the right.

Sorry to give the impression that I am cheeky and negative but I am not. I also do like appreciating the finer points of life like wondering how/where/when/why exactly do spiders have 8-legs and not any more or any fewer? Or why the gamma value of the redness of a rose is 0.56 on average. Now then, human rights – it is an oxymoron, me thinks. Notice the usage of words too. “Universal”. How grandiosely stupid is that? “Declaration”. We declare wars and now we declare rules too? The very word is a war term. What else can we expect when a bunch of generals write this document I wonder and come to think of it, freedom and choice are high on the rights list but still the rights are declared. Contradictory. Tricky. Very. I will expand on the finer nuances later but here are some brief reasons/theory of why the human rights cannot be righted anytime soon by anyone in anywhere –

1) Most religions are declaration of human rights in general (“be good” is what most religions say). There are even some simple rules on the lines of “A Simple Guide to Living for Dummies” (read, ‘The 10 Commandments’). If people cannot follow 10 or fewer rules, what hope do 30 rules have, eh? The only missing commandment in the 10 commandments is “Thou shalt follow these commandments”. Dont you think?
2) Next is the time. Again, going back to religions (I am not religious by the way) and commandments which have been around for thousands of years and yet are not followed and worse, misinterpreted. What hope does a set of rules written just about 50 years ago have? And religions are inculcated from our birth. They are advertised and marketed. Who is doing that for human rights and putting things under the radar?
3) I bet 99% of the world’s population is not aware of such a document. The question is does being aware of the document (even among the educated (sorry, wrong word – literate is the one) like the students here in UK) make things any better? Where is the hope if people still buy Nikes and Coke? Nikes when they do not play and Coke when they are not thirsty. So, why do they buy these things. Have no clue whatsoever. Any hints?
4) If anyone has even so much as attempted to read the declaration, I bet (should go to a bookmaker sometime) that no one would understand them at one reading because one can see how complicated it all is. It is lawyer jargon with clauses and sub-clauses. What hope does one have if and by its very nature the document is full of loopholes and potentially litigatory? UK can sell guns to Somalians and say that it is not violating human rights because the trigger is being pulled by the starved Somalian. Whose gun/bullet is it stud?
5) Furthering on the point above, the declaration is a source of comedy material. And it reminds me of an English “go-slow” sign placed in the middle of rural India. The villagers never could understand it and only use that sign-post as a pole to tether their cattle. If one cannot understand this simple analogy/simile, what hope does one have to understand the declaration? Sorry to be offensive but I cannot put up with more stupidity than I am already born with. No?

One could extract out a complicated satirical theory of my first statement from the above 5 points I suppose and for once (in this post and world) you have hope as this area is what most people these days are studying (because it is cool) and getting paid (because it is a job) too. There is actually a degree program called “Human Rights” I gather. I bet it is the shortest course around with a book of all the human rights ever committed by humanity going all the way to 7 pages big and I am being generous and extrapolating my knowledge in this area which is nil and which is not an error. No seriously, give me one example of one human right done right. Ever. And leaving the invention of printing out of this.

So, please look for the theory at some other place. This blurb is all I can offer (for now anyway). I do not like spoon-feeding people. But watch this space. Although I cannot gaurantee that I will expand this post I may add an acerbic remark or cartoons (for sure) here and there but not anymore. I am just amused that it took humanity 13000 years of sorrow, misery, war, stupidity, killings, pillage, rape, poverty, bombings etc. (which is still going on in ALL parts of the world) to come up with such a document not to mention that we spiralled to such a twisted state that we had to even think of writing such a document in the first place. It is pretty dumb to remind and agree amongst ourselves what actions are morally right but then conformation is not morality nor righteousness. Sentient life-forms write rules for what-not-to-do rather that what-to-do in order to respect another life – male, female, child or senile. So, what should one not do? I have no answers. Ask the protestors, activists, professors and students. If they do not respond to your emails or questions, that is a violation of human rights too. The human right to information dunce…

BTW, this post came about when I went to the Amnesty meeting yesterday as part of it being Children’s Day on Saturday and to mark it there was a talk by Annoushka Miller on “Childrens Rights” held at our usual meeting time of 5pm in committee room 1, level 3 of the QM. Annoushka is an Amnesty speaker and she specializes on children and Africa. Plenty of good cartoons I drew there. The first observation was that she looked rather very healthy for a person who spent any time in Africa. I am wicked. Yes. Glad you guys have realized that.


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  • 1. Sriram  |  26 November, 2004 at 10:40

    Hi….thnx for dropping by…nice blog!
    and even i did my inter in vizag…



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