Contributing to Mycroft (rip)

24 November, 2004 at 16:11 Leave a comment

Great, so you want to help out? Whether you are just a surfer who wants that great search engine in your Netscape Sidebar, or an owner of a search engine, Welkommen!
Creating a Sherlock plugin is very easy and addictive. As soon as you know how it works, you’ll see yourself creating search plugins for every search engine you find out there…

What you need to know

Right now, Mozilla only supports plugins that work with the GET method (those URLs with “?somename=somevalue&othername=othervalue” in them. So all you have to do is write down all the variables with the values. One of these values is your query term.
You also have to look at the source code of the result file and find out how you can tell your
Sherlock where to find the results.

What you need to do

Read the
and our
quality guidelines
first before playing around. To make things a little easier we now provide a
plugin generator.
Before posting, make sure you test your plugin with the
search plugin validator.
(the validator also has some features that can assist with the development of your plugin.)
For those who don’t know for which search engines you can write a plugin, be sure to check out the
page to get some ideas. Don’t write a plugin if somebody is already working on it. Also write a message to mycroft-admin at iseli dot org with the following subject: “Working on request #000” (of course, replace the “000” with the real request number).
When you are done, zip all the files and send them to mycroft at iseli dot org with the plugin name in the subject. It may take a little while (according to the amount of submitted plugins, this could be several weeks for us to get back to you so please have patience. We are planning to create an upload tool so submitting will hopefully become easier some day.

What you get

You don’t get money. But you get credit. If you wish so, you can add your Name and e-mail address into the plugin file. Since very few people will really look into your plugin source, your name will also appear next to the plugin description. So, maybe it’s the start of fame!

Instructions for Admins
We have a
draft document
for people working on the project (how to update the database, how to add a plugin and so on.

For questions or comments about mycroft, please send a message to the
mycroft mailing list.
© 2000-2004. All rights reserved.
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy.


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