The GU’d Life – 2

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The GU'd Life - 2
I was at the SRC pigeon holes the other day to pick up some posters for GUIS Ceilidh publicity and I saw the GUM (Glasgow University Magazine apparently) poster begging for articles from the student populace while saying something about ‘quality’ and stuff (look at the “Rob and Tony” cartoons of the QMUnicate fortnightly publication. Even the Chinese who normally have traumas with facial identity will feel happy). I think those guys are image-dyslexic or something.
Anyway, that GUM thing was ROFL ironical because I remember reading the last issue of GUM – all 3.259 pages of it filtered for ‘quality’ from tons of articles from 17000+ students and 5000+ staff of the University with the biggest article being a review of a sponsoring restaurant – and as soon as I looked at GUMs hole (a hole within a hole), I thought for once, I would see some pigeons or a wasp nest or spider webs. They were all there but I also saw a sitting duck. How very appropriate.
You can probably see the duck for yourself (if you know who/why/what/where the SRC is – most people here dont and the SRC is supposed to represent them) but I wonder if the duck would still be there. People here eat anything that moves and apparently, there are a lot of delicacies that can be cooked with duck (as with anything else – people seem to have had too much time at one point in history to have thought of all these random recipes). And BTW, the other pigeon holes being blank in the picture is not a lazy coincidence because after accounting for the advertisements of bars and gigs, that is effectively what is left in terms of communication in those holes anyway. And the lack of labels serve a purpose too because I think if one accounts what is that clubs actually actually do apart from socializing (read, flirting and talking nonsense) in pubs and convening meetings (read, noisy delegations) at odd times of the calendar and discuss (cacophonious crosstalk) things which never happen and a pervasive general lack of enthusiasm, the clubs are virtually bland and indistinguishable from each other. They all do the same things (or lack thereof, rather) albiet with different names all serving the purpose of ripping off the already depreciated SRC. Shakespeare was right about that names and roses thing. Wow! lots of nice touches I should say…
Maybe I am just being too cruel because it is indeed hard to be a student here what with worries of part-time jobs, getting into debt, paying your rent, working for all 23-weeks per year at University on an average of 3-hours per day with 2-days off during weekdays, deciding where to spend summer holidays – get a tan or go to Ecuador to teach English and save the world, what to wear for clubbing nights etc. Lots of pressure, really. But that said, there is nothing wrong with people as such. All are nice people trapped in a rich, bored, apathetic, welfare society jail.
Now lemme work on a few more cartoons inspired by this blurb…


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