GU-Projects: Terrier Mycroft Plugins

22 November, 2004 at 14:26 Leave a comment

Have just finished the
Mycroft plugins for our
IR groups very own
Terrier search engine. Right now, with Terrier, one can search within the
department and also hone it down to within the research groups. With the Myrcroft plugins, searching Terrier is possible from ones browser.
For the new among you, Mycroft is a search extension for Mozilla based browsers. Think of it as Googlebar or any other browser bar you might have used but with the ability to search multiple engines at one go. One can also think of it as a desktop meta search engine…

1) Follow the links to download the plugin files (.src) for the two versions – one for
and another for
IR and here are the
one and
two icon files (.png) respectively. I wonder if there is a Glasgow University wise search available using Terrier or the experimental terabyte search access thus justifying the name. Those could be added into the mix so as custom search plugins for other groups if we wish to experiment

2) A snapshot of the plugins in action for the query “information”. One can clearly see how our IR page ranks in both plugins. Notice that we sorted on the name of the document to compare the ranking between the two search mechanisms –
Terrier Mycroft Plugins - 1
3) Another snapshot of the plugins in action for the query “information retrieval group” for the two Terriers, Google and Alltheweb. Again, the rankings are quite interesting to watch –

Terrier Mycroft Plugins - 1

4) How to Install –(from scratch)
– First install Mozilla or Firefox. Mozilla preferred
– Second, go to Mycroft and install the extension “Install Top-30” (it is at the bottom of the page). This will create a “searchplugins” directory in your Mozilla/Firefox installation. Just before clicking, check if this directory is already there or not. If so, one can skip this step but it is recommended
– Third, drop the .src and .png files in that directory. Restart the browser. You should see the plugins in your list of search engines. Have fun playing with them šŸ™‚
N.B: For Firefox, we cannot choose multiple engines for comparision as the Mycroft sidebar does not install. The comparision and choice of multiple engines in possible only in Mozilla

5) Will upload the plugins at Mycroft if needed at some point when everything is working well. Most other plugins (like Yahoo and Altavista do not seem to work properly) and needs
fixing. Lets see…


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