GU: The GU’d Life – 4

21 November, 2004 at 16:04 Leave a comment

The GU'd Life - 4
US Elections. What can one say? What can I say that has not been said or ranted or cursed or praised before? I do not really care of who got voted as the most powerful man on the planet but the sheer stupidity of the whole process – agendas, debates, 2-parties, news, exit-polls, deciding, voting – among other things is an insult to democracy. What is that 2-party thing? It is like choosing the lesser to two evils than anything else to me.
I had a slew of cartoons in my mind about the elections but almost all of them have been accounted for by Cagle Slate & co. I seriously recommend the reader to visit that site for more. What is unmistakable in all this is that even US cartoonists seem to be so very anti-Bush. Surely, if cartoons are a reflection of popular sentiment (every media is in that regard but more so with cartoons), then I wonder how did Bush get elected at all. Who voted for him? Me thinks that people did not vote for Kerry because that guy is a jester rather than a joker like Bush.
Anyway, coming back to the cartoon. I hope the original artist (Morin) does not mind in me modifying the picture. There is nothing much to tell and rave about in the cartoon except that the colors used are not a coincidence. Think about the threat levels and colors as per US terror-alert circus and things should be clear. The text sizes, the blurring/sharpening at different places is not a coincidence either. As a strict Indian I wish to just very gently query the likelihood of rigging (refer to media, colors) being a US elections pejorative.
Apart from the word rigging being the keyword, I honestly do not know what the last sentence means. In fact I do not know what this sentence means!


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