On Nothingness

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Warning! Spoilers ahead which might take the fun out of your existence. That said, there is nothing philosophical here…

During one of those moments of contemplating the events of the just concluded day, I think I might have stumbled upon the answer to as to why our world seems to be full of nothingness. It is a sad world we live in where every second there is someone out there dying of hunger and war-related abuses and yet, we just choose to ignore these problems and be lost in our pointless lives paying rents and taxes and fees and indulging ourselves and thinking that the key to a good life is an expensive house, a status car, fine-dining and other equally frivolous activities such TV, movies, concerts, galleries, exhibitions, music etc. We go to an art gallery and watch some random blobs of color on equally arbitrary kinds of paper or look at some crazy arrangement of metal pieces and bricks and we are supposed to feel sophisticated about all this and to make a point we should be going in formal dresses to be given an entry. What a senseless state of affairs. To what means and to what ends? Take a walk down Ashton Lane and just try to listen as to what people talk and you will know what I am talking about. There is a nice fractal structure to all this. It is not only the drunk neddish truck drivers (who had equal probabilities when born to become Nobel prize winners) who talk such bull-shit but the same goes to our political leaders and spiritual gurus and artists and CEO’s and intellectuals and authors and whoever given their standing and context. Some guy frames an undrawn canvas and puts in an art gallery and it is supposed to be a painting signifying purity and is sold for a million bucks and a conference held on this pioneering work. My latrin has white tiles. Some author writes about a child with a wand in a cafe while living on benefits and she becomes a billionaire because of the latter story. Chandamama and Bommarillu had better stories and fantasy in them. Some model who happens to play tennis wears a bra or a watch and people buy these things. What and why exactly are they buying? You talk about such things and you are branded as a scrooge and without taste and as naive and full of voidness. I hope the point is made.

Now the theory is that why should we be even concerned about nothingness at all. There is nothingness everywhere at every scale. Most of our Universe is empty even if we account for invisible/dark matter. Even if we are alone or not (with all respects to Carl Sagan), it does seem to be an awful lot of space. The ratio of the amount of space pervading to the amount of matter we actually see (and theoretically hope to see) is simply awesome. Ditto for the Atom. The electrons seem to revolve in virtually a lot of nothingness and empty space. So, nothingness is clearly rampant in nature. We are part of the empty Universe and made up of equally empty atoms. Our world (and Gods) are made up of negligible ourselves and our empty thoughts. Who are we to think that we can even escape from nothingness, huh?
I think eventually, everything will settle down to nothingness. There is no escape. Our information, our literature, our science and our blobby existence in the complex game of life amounts to nothing but nothingness. In fact, our thinking or pondering the nature of the Universe and our purpose or even us thinking of nothingness or even argue about nothingness (in a pub or a theology seminar) and void in this world is extremely funny when done a reality check.

Imagine and think of the Universe as an organism. On that scale we are not even the photons that bombard one of the atoms in the amino acids of the protien molecule in the cell of the bacterium living in your gut and dying right now as we speak. It is dead now. Nevertheless let us assume that we are as big as the photon in the now-dead bacterium (or its divided clone) if the Universe was a living talking human with some cognition. Now this human organism is as big and massive as the Earth but that is beyond the point. Do not be concerned about the fractal nature of things. That is another story to be told another day. Now, we thinking about the purpose of life and why the world is filled with nothingness is like this photon (emitted when this bacterium is activated high enough) deliberating which path to choose when entering into a physics experiment of these super-beings/organisms. The answer to this question is as nothingness as nothingness could be. From our Universe to our Atoms almost everything is made up of emptiness and nothingness. And what are we? We are just one part of this behemoth framework filled with emptiness. What are we supposed to be? What is our civilization supposed to be? I ask you. The answer hey Arjuna, is nothingness (that radio Bhagvad Gita music should be playing for effect) and emptiness! Now, now, I warned you before that this is going to take the fun out of life. But on a lighter note, I really really wonder when/where/whht/why/when/how/who tells the electron to emit a photon? Think about it…

So, you ask me of where did I get this profound thought? Well, yesterday I happened to see one of the most attractive girls I have ever seen in my life. Something kicked in and I just wanted to talk to her and eventually did. Deenne konni pradessallo ‘flirting’ ani mari kodhi amaayaka parisarrallo ‘crush’ ani kooda antaaru baabai. What did I talk? What do you think? Emptily nothing. When she left perhaps with a yeah-right-poor-fellow grin and when my hormone, sanity and instinct balance were restored, I just realized how pathetic it all was. If someone were to watch all this (including myself), they would term it as a futile exercise of foolishness of the first kind. The conversation was so very generic of a little guy trying excruciatingly and in a hope-beyond-hope fashion to get an extremely gorgeous girl who is clearly beyond him and in no way interested in his nothingness (all those Chandlerish episodes/sequences in “Friends”). I always used to laugh at such situations and thought how low anyone (even if a character) could descend just to talk to a girl. Is that courage? Are girls impressed by such attempts? What hope does this wee guy have when clearly the world works in a different way and how shallow such things fundamentally are. Skin and bones. Now I find myself in that situation and worst of all, there was no one watching sympathetically and I am not even paid 750.000$ for doing this. But still I laugh at myself. If we don’t laugh at and off such things, life becomes too heavy I suppose.


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