Liberty, Free-Will and Real Language

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On one of those days when I usually try to talk non-sense of things to myself – things I have not even the faintest clue like say freedom, liberty et al. – I stumbled upon the question: “what is the difference between liberty and free-will?”. It put me in a quandary but as always (well, not always) I reversed the question –“is there no difference between liberty and free-will?”. Here is how the conversation went –

I: No, I dont think so
Me: Why? Define liberty and free-will for me and I will tell you the
glaring difference
I: If I knew, would I ask you?
Me: Well, if you dont know then whatever I tell you will be taken for
I: No. It will not. I still have to trust you
Me: If you do not trust me then there is no point in conversing, is
I: That is beside the point
Me: Right. I cannot get away from this, can I?
I: Nopes. Tell me what is the difference
Me: First of all, there should be some difference. Otherwise they would
not be chiselled as two different words
I: What tripe
Me: No it isn’t. Look at both words. They do not even sound similar.
They should be different un…
I: Unless?
Me: Unless all our forefathers were a bunch of idiots who used
different words for the same things just to confuse their future
generations like us. I think this is expected since the average IQ is
increasing all the time. By this metric people in the 16th century are
at the intellectual distance between the early humans and apes
I: How pretentious but not without some truth. They were zombie
like in following the religious institutions as the gospel of their
God(s). But even then, it means that we should be early humans to treat
them as apes
Me: Yes. That is true. But then apes cannot follow really complex
instructions like religion or a call-for-war. It takes a complex intellectual mind to be such lunatics
I : Anyway, if they are idiots, would that not make us idiots to
follow the rules laid out by idiots?
Me: Yes. I would not want to think I am an idiot. So, let us take out
that possibility
I: Are they synonyms?
Me: Hmmm… I would not think so – (flash) – I wonder why we have
synonyms in the first place. If there are so many different words that
mean the same, then why not just use one of them and make language
simpler. What is the point of having synonyms than to make language
I: I never saw it that way. In a way, it could really bring out
the absolute minimal language and could perhaps make it less
context-sensitive and make it easy for teachers. But there wont be many
misunderstandings and impressing chicks stuff
Me: Everything has a pro and con. For the wider benefit of humanity
(even at the risk of propogating our species as there are too many of
us anyway), I think if we remove all the synonyms and are still left
with any words, that should be the ‘real’ language. But then how do we
decide which word to keep? This labyrinth is tougher to get out than I
I: You have not answered the question yet
Me: Liberty is… (pause – think about the cube root of
7283288278478489) There are no answers. Only the search

Really folks. What is with those synonyms? And what are those silent letters doing in words? Like in Edinburgh? Why not remove them and save all of us some text and in the long run some paper, eh? If they are silent, why use them? My theory after all this rambling is that there is something called a ‘real’ language hidden and that this language is universal and the root of all languages (Chomsky hierarchy comes to mind) that could serve perfectly well to communicate ideas as all our existing languages put together try to do (but still cannot). And I think that this language will not be textual or even symbolic.


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