Int’l Network Quiz

17 November, 2004 at 04:52 Leave a comment

Just back from the aformentioned quiz in which we won the 3rd prize. Here is the proof –

Now the proof is pretty easy. One is how many people do you know who scan the covers of jelly babies without some reason? I am not THAT crazy. Secondly, who would buy that Scotland football stickers? The only market for these (given Scotlands fall from fame) is through prizes to unsuspecting international students! 😉
This is what happened –
1) First we were labelled.
2) Then we were spoilt with food. Pizzas. Spring Rolls. Pakoras. Wedges. Chips. Peanuts. Fed like criminals before taken to their execution. And even talked to by the people at the international office. Louise. Claire. Iain…
3) Third time lucky. The actual quiz itself
4) During all this, I met some nice people there. Finally got that lovely Canadians name. Josalyn. She said hello first. Then met a tall Czech called Teresa (second one). Then Annie (from Canada) and some people from France and China and an Indian from Coimbatore. It is a small world indeed.

As always with quizzes, I am always amused by the trivia. It will all come very soon when I have time. Watch this space…


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