The GU’d Life – 7

12 November, 2004 at 19:00 Leave a comment

The GU'd Life - 7
I am being quite mild here to see the general lack of *pathy of students to the Rector elections and I do not blame them as the answer to the question “What has the Rector ever done to Me?” is left unanswered or lost in the mists of the Universitys incomprehensible environmentally unfriendly publicity (boy, these guys use a lot of paper) material. Should we blame the webmaster and that media team then?

Come back to the cartoon. Nice touches especially the “plagiarist” bit. It shows a couple of things because I have never seen any self-respecting University material having so much plagiarism in words and pictures. Case in point, the “Lord Kelvin” posters. It is a straight lift-off from the 70’s movie posters. And almost every seminar topic they have seems to be using some “pop” anecdote. Like say there was an IBLS seminar “It’s a Bugs Life”. I wish we could be sued by Disney so that such things do not happen and intelligence of the audience is not insulted anymore than it already is courtesy of other titles. That topic should be “Polymerase Kinesetic Bond Formation in the presence of Kuyyyo Kurrusimia in the parasiting of the Gravid Uterus”. Dont you think?

Confused whether I am mocking the University or not? Me too. I honestly do not know as I always seem to contradict myself but let me clarify that I am not on the GU-Guardian closed-as-clams gang criticizing and countradicting everything the University does (although I think it is ‘zoo ki thakkuva, circus ki ekkuva’). But yes, the cartoon. The other nice touch is to show the ubiquitous attitude of students to accuse the University at every nook and corner and step. The guy totally misses the point of the rector and elections but instead focusses on the (cheeky) reason (also, look at the direction of his eyes, I was careful given Keith’s snippet the other day of information and eye movement).

Also, thanks to Cartoon Stock (and the dogs and the 24-hour Asian shop in my street) which is really useful for me to pick up some nice pictures and ideas which I am digitally editing to put my points across and damaging a few of your neurons in the process (there is a theory which says that this is actually good). I am actually wearing the “remembrance day” red thing and mourn your neurons. This might give you some idea of what my theory is on why we humans remember things and what sort of things. Death to neurons!


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