Hope is a Good Thing

10 November, 2004 at 06:30 Leave a comment

After a really tiring and wierd Thursday night today involving a pub-meet for the SIE and the pub-night of GUIS and the way I carried myself in the most pathetic/desperate way possible and kind of sensing what ithara vaalla abhiprayam based on the interaction I’ve had and the subtle signals and not-so-subtle looks given by many (I am quite perceptive to such things somehow) and speaking for myself, I have to say that it cannot really get any worse than this.
Anyone who knows me and has been watching me even if only from a very disinterested distance will know exactly what I mean. It is all quite messy now – visa, integration, romance, acceptance, home, relations, work, inclusion, recreation, socialising and arguments (which I justify and pass off as collecting material), impressions, attitudes and all that. No point correcting mistakes as the bridges have been burnt. I can feel the vibes and tension. And yet, there is hope. It is not an empty glass. It is a glass full of air!
The only way to go is to go up and I will go into my patented hiding-fasting-silent mode for a little while and promise myself to update my Plogs (the P is not a mistake) and finish the pending writing and drawing and the ‘book’ before the end of this month. I mean to write it, polish it, proof-read it and get a publisher. Carpe Diam!
[Nov-19 but changed to Nov-10]


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