GU: "The GU’d Life" Cartoon Series Start

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Real Hidden Manifestos at any UK University Elections for/by/to Students
The cartoon is actually much more generic and I would say it depicts the – Real Hidden Manifestos at any UK University Elections for/by/to Students – yeah yeah. And perhaps a lot of other topics and observations in an equally screaming way. Boy, amn’t I witty/funny!

Really, I got fed up with all the nothingness in this place. I think I’ve had enough of what I saw and with people who have no idea or the faintest clue of what the world is like or what they want to do in their life other than “Have a pint, Mate”. Do not get me wrong. All are good people with nice hearts by birth (I think it is education that is building walls) but they are idiotic rudderless shitless kids as well. I was and still am like that too but but these guys just abuse the privilage. It is time I express my self and my concerns and my take on all this with my patented acerbic wit. It is not a free-run as I am reusing images. Thanks to search engine technology and web for that. This is a test of free-press in the University among other things as I will also give some of these cartoons to GU-Guardian, the QMU publications, Uni Newsletters and get out a PG/SRC publication as well (remember my manifesto?) and I hope you like them and give me your thoughts and feedbacks and even ideas which I will conveniently steal and boast off as mine 😉 but you know junta, I was very tempted to leave the analysis of my work of beauty and profound statement of life for the real connosieurs and critics of Art but then I realized that if I was silent I would not be able to dump my neurosys on you unsuspecting equally deviant public who haunt my den every once in a while. So, here goes…

First of all notice that I have used a Scottish nativity to all this. There are more sheep than people in Scotland. And the guy who is shearing it is in typical Scottish gear. Look at the attention to detail people. The shoes, the hat and all that. Moving on, the ultimate symbolism is wool because all the candidates – especially the Presidents – have such vague and “wooly” manifestos that you can interpret them in any way and still come to the point which is the topic of this discussion. Next there is the sheep. It shows of how all these candidates are like sheep to come up with the most mundane, cliched, stereotyped, unoriginal manifestos of the first degree. And of course, by electing such candidates just because they have to (all 150 out of 17000 students in our University), students are nothing but sheep munching crisps and guzzling alcohol as everybody else. Shearing, eh? Well, I will not insult your intelligence by spoon-feeding this to you. That you have to figure it out yourself. So, everything is intentional although I should say I did not think of all that when I got hold of a random picture and connected it with a blaze of thought. I am not afraid to tell this little secret but do not tell anyone. Shhhh…

Wow! lot of symbolism, no? I am a genius, is that what you say. Owww… come on, give me another compliment. I am getting bored of the ‘g’ word frankly. A self-centered, egotesical, split-personality, attention-seeking maggot you say? Is that what I hear? Oh, wait. Schizophrenic pit of parrot droppings? Good. Slight improvement. But I get all that and more too. Anything else you got?

Just kidding fellas. I know I should give you a lot more credit than an unappreciative git like me would be able to give. Feeling a lot verbose today as a lot of things got sorted and I am on a long weekend break. Watch this space…


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