Arts: Folk Songs – 1

20 October, 2004 at 21:15 Leave a comment

In a moment of clarity of a memory back in RECW (probably because we formed a Yahoo group), I got a dream in which we were singing this on the terrace of 8th Block –

Dingutakam dingutakam dingu dingu dingutakam
Naatukottudu Neetikottudu Mekakottudu Kodikottudu
Chepakottud Peethakottud Royyakottud
Kindakottud Meedhakottud Vaadnikottud Deennnikottud
Kurro murro kuyyo muyyo nuyyo guyyo
Jaamukottud Maamikottud Vepakottud Bellamkottud
Buggakottud Pedaalkottud Nadumkottud Thodakottud
Kotta Kotte Kotti Kotto Kottu
Labo labo labo labo
Labo labo labo labo
Labo labo labo labo – Labo labo labo labo
Labbolabbo labbu janaka!

I hope I got the wordings right. I do not think we actually sang that in reality or maybe we did. But all I remember from the dream is that there was a lot of energy and naatu thanam. Anil Chaitanya was beating drums on a wooden plank (he was actually good at it in real-life) and Pradeep, Vatsan, Me, Vishnu, Sudheer and a lot of others were swaying in full abandon to the beat. There were also some whistles. My memories of RECW are a blur to me given my amnesia but it was a nice dream. I asked Praveen if we did that in Vizag and he said we used to do it in school and he promised to get back to me with more folk-songs that we used to sing. As soon as I get them, I will post them…


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