GU: SRC Elections, Voting, Manifesto et al.

16 October, 2004 at 18:00 Leave a comment

Students, Colleagues, Earthlings! (too Stalinisque?)

Thank you lads and lassies for nominating/sponsoring me to the SRC
Elections post of “PG Convener”. I hope you will all be voting. Not for me
if you do not like the manifesto or whatever but do use your electoral
privilages. That is more important. The voting is on 26th October and will
be fairly easy to spot all around our University. It should be fun and a
good experience. As all politicians end their speeches, God Bless! If
there is a debate or heckling (as they call it here), I will let you know
so that you can know your candidate better…

Manifesto of Srikant ‘naani’ Anudeepla Vidyadhar Jakilinki
Apart from performing the duties stated in the job description (see below)
to the best of my abilities, I am clear about two things that I want to
start afresh. One is that I want to foster a more formal and informal academic
interaction among the PG’s of our University by creating a channel for
people to express themselves. This would involve at the very least,
publication of a digital newsletter created entirely by the students on an
open-source model.
Secondly, I want to set about a more congenial atmosphere between UG’s,
PG’s, Staff and the Public in which they appreciate one another and be in
a fruitful symbiotic relationship. Again, the flow of information could be
a possible solution and I want to achieve that through open-days where
PG’s could demonstrate their research in a festive atmosphere (like poster displays) and inspire
and get inspired from everyone alike.

Postgraduates Convener Duties
Represent your fellow postgraduates to the University Senate and various
University committees, as well as nationally through the National
Postgraduate Committee. Ensure communication among all postgraduates and
other stakeholders of the University. The full description is here –

Colophon: As long as you do not feel the same way as per the attachment,

vote for me. Even if so, vote for me šŸ˜‰ See you all soon…

“Writing a manifesto is real hard work. Besides the political correctness
and substance, the sheer effort of writing a serious document which deep
inside you trust in is nerve racking”


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Why only Happy Snaps? GU: SRC Elections, Voting, Manifesto et al.

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